how long did it take YOU to learn

how long did it take you to learn how to unicycle?

I just started two days ago and in the first 4 hours I had a good balance going

In the next 2 hours I could ride forward without falling for about 30 meters

In the next 3 hours I could ride very far and could turn pretty good

Now I am working on going off road and free mounting, oh and by the way I have a 24" nimbus Muni

2 days, I was about as good as you describe being ( at~9 hours?) after the first day

it took me around a month or 2 to learn to ride.

Then i had to learn how to turn and stuff. I learned to freemount at like month 2.

that was around 3 years ago.

I took about a month and about half way through took a month off due to stiches.


It took me about 2 weeks to be able to ride about 30 meters, and about 3 to be able to go where ever I wanted… unfortunately it took me about 6 weeks until I could free mount.

Around 5-6 hours before I could ride down my drive way, 10 or more until I could ride somewhat. 5-6 hours of practicing I was already freemounting as well.

nigt one in two hours i did almost a complete lap of the local lacrosse box around both nets 20 feet shy of going center line to center line counter clockwise.night two figured out how to turn right not just left can seem to ride about 100 feet on most tries my longest must be 400-500 feet with a big turn at both ends of the parking lot.about to head out for night three.gonna have to learn to freemount quick i’m tired of having to walk back to something to start on.any tips or pointers would be great.perhaps a vid link?

It took me less time to learn to use the search function than it did to learn to ride.

How are you guys doing. I have had mine for not quite 2 months. I was only practicing once a week for the first month or so.

First i tried to ride along holding on to a fence. That was a joke ! I can freemount now i go about 1 or 2 full pedal strokes at the most and thats it.
Now i have been trying to practice everyday.

I have a Unistar 20 Dx



Thanks Scott

I learned to ride forward in about 3 hours, helped by the fact that I was with 3 friends who where all trying too. We were all sharing these 2 crappy unis but since we were all laughing at each other it was a lot more fun. Then I took one home and learned to ride in a couple more days.

A fence can work or a wall, but I preffered a rail between waist and chest height while sitting on the uni on smooth asphalt. One thing I really liked about the rail (aside from eliminating fear) is it saved time. If I lost my ballance I could just grab onto the rail, much faster than UPDing and getting back on. When I could consistently ride the length of my 90 ft rail, I started riding around the playground of the school I was practicing at.

Weight in the seat, not much in the pedals, legs move in nice smooth circles, focus on something on the ground 10-15 yards in front of you.

I recomend on learning to consistently ride the length of your rail before focusing on freemounting, and dismounting gracefully w/ each foot w/in ~2yd area before riding about.

it took me an hour to get 50m+.I kinda had lots of balance from skateboarding all the time

Took me about an hour and a half to learn to go bout 40meters. Helped that I was with a friend and he was trying too. (he hasn’t learned how to ride yet, been 4 months) The way I did it was I held onto a pole to get on, then just rode as far as I could. It was about an hour of 1 or 2 pedals then falling on my butt, then suddenly something just clicked and I could go across whole yard.

I did about an hour of messing around, then i think it probably took me another hour to get riding. After about 4 hours i was free mounting-but only when the uni felt like it.

How long did it take some people to start tricks?

Including the time spent listening to curmudgeons who told me I’d kill myself or someone else while learning, it took me two weeks to ride a block or so.

Took about an hour or so in my building’s carpark to be able to go about 80m (240feet) Then my crank-pedal thread got completely stripped (crappy old uni). I just picked up a new crank-arm today and now I’m happy again :slight_smile: Now for efficiency’s sake, I need to learn to freemount.

Congratulations & welcome!

The Uni force now has you and will never let you go and force you to buy more unis:p

Edit: I forgot to mention, it took me 40 hours over 8 wks to learn.

It took me about a week to learn to ride.

about a day to ride around a circle about 30 ft in diameter, a couple days to perfect a freemount and ride offroad.

1 hour I could ride about 10 metres and the second I could turn and ride 50+ metres. 3rd hour - 4th I got free mounting. another 2 hours I could hop continuesly. 2 weeks I got side hops, 1 day more 15cms. (MASSIVE BREAK while i got my kh)7 weeks later I got 37cm (been sick for a bit over 2 weeks so im having a break.