How impossible is the impossible wheel?

Well, whis IS silly, earlyer this morning, i started making plans to making my own ultimate wheel, will go to my friend and bike service man and try to get a crashed 26" wheel, just need the tire tube and rim.

But now, i saw a little video with some BC wheel, and i want one of those to, i can’t afford a second unicycle, so i just get something similar, i guess.
And, some minutes after that, i saw the ACS Stealth Mag 20" for bmx, it’s only 390 kr (55$)

It is possible to make a cheap bc wheel out of this, isn’t it?

edit: From what i have found there ain’t no bc wheels to buy anywhere in sweden, and the shipping would be horiffic from other countrys.

And of course, how hard is the bs wheel to learn to master?
Do i need to know coasting on a uni, or isnt it comparable?
How long would you estimate it would take?
How long did it take for you to get say… 30 feet?

Given the number of people who ride BC wheels, it can’t be to difficult. I know coasting on a standard unicycle is horrendously difficult (it took me six months of hard practice to go ten meters and ride out) but I think a BC wheel would be a lot easier, since your center of balance is lower. Lots of people have gotten quite a ways on a BC wheel after only a few hours practice. It will probably come easier than regular unicycling, provided you can already unicycle. Also, once you learn the BC wheel, learning to coast on a regular unicycle might be easier to learn, since you would already have the basic reflexes necessary to coast. I highly reccomend learning to coast in any case, since it’s so much fun.:smiley:

Hi Ileberg,

I think it is not so impossible to buy an UW from Sweden. Take a look at

Roland offers 3 different UWs starting from 95 euro (850 skr). Shipping will cost 17 euro (150 skr) provided the parcel does not weigh more than 5 kg.

A few minutes later: Since you want an IW and not an UW this info is perhaps not so interesting but it will have to remain here since I can’t delete it.

The impossible wheel is of course far from impossible. That’s why impossible is a bad name. I prefer BC Wheel, but if you have never seen the BC comic strip (in Sunday newspapers in the USA), this name doesn’t make any sense either.

They are harder than most other unicycle types, and are similar to coasting on a regular unicycle (but easier than coasting).

That BMX wheel you pictured is really cool looking. It should make a great BC. All you need is something to use for the pegs. In Sweden it might be easier for you to find some basic moped pegs like the ones I used to have on mine. Or you can have some steel welded into an L shape, and drill a couple of holes for the axle to go through. No need to buy a whole separate wheel from another country.

Or go to a good hardware store and get some plates,i think their normally used for ceiling jionts or somthing,and there the perfect size shape and they already have holes drilled in.Im going to make one eventaully.

The pegs won’t be a problem because my dad’s a steel worker.
Now i only need to get some money to build this sucker.