How high?

How big of drops can the Torker DX handle? How sturdy is this? It looks pretty sturdy. Im not going to get one but my friends little brother might. How about the Torker LX?

I’ve had mine for three months. Regularly do 2 foot drops onto flat with no aparent adverse effects. I’m 180 lbs. and am not real graceful on landings. If I’m doing drops over 2 feet I’m usually on my Summit (Remember I currently have a self imposed drop limit of 3 feet).

The landings aren’t as comforable nor can I hop as high as on my Summit but the DX is holding up well as a heavy duty freestyle.

I bend steel 125 cranks after about a foot. I think the LX cranks will eventually fail from repeated drops for someone my size. If your friend is small or light the LX may hold up fine.

I have a 2003 torker that is neither dx,cx,or lx and i regularly do 2to3 foot drops and nothings hapend to it yet.

Metal fatigue, my boys.

Eventually, even the best cotterless axle will succumb to the realities of all the stresses we put on them. That’s why we like the splined axles, which will go a lot longer before the same thing happens.

So it’s not a mere question of how high. It’s how many times? Also how many times with how much weight? Also how many times with how much weight, with what quality of technique?

In other words, any axle will probably survive a few drops of 6’ or more. What everyone wants to know is how many of those they will get. Or how many 3 footers. There are no hard and fast numbers, but as a general rule, with the less expensive unicycles you will have the less sturdy axles. The Suzue will last longer than most other cotterless axles, for example, but it too will break eventually if you keep dropping on it.

If you have a 2003 black torker it is a LX but does not have a flat crown. If you have a chrome torker it is a CX.

For clarification, I have had the '04 DX, splined axle, for three months.

daino149’s 2003 LX did not last: My Stealth Torker has broken has a broken wing. The link to his pics goes to a different gallery now.

Ok then, a variation on the question:

What is a better Muni: Toker 24 DX or Numbus 24?

The Torker DX is splined. I don’t know how strong but it is. Nimbus is cotterless.

They’re different animals.

The Nimbus comes with a knobby 24x3 tire and 150mm cranks. The DX has a mild-knobby 24x2.3 and 140mmm cranks. The DX frame probably won’t allow a larger tire.

For all-around MUni the Nimbus will be more versatile. The axle just won’t be as strong.