How hard do you need to drop it?!?

I fell off of my torker tx unistar chaindrive and it hit the ground fairly soft. And guess what happens?!?! That small drop bent my crank!!! and im used to bent cranks. (see my picture for refernce) Thats what I ROAD with, Its not incrediably bent, I cant ride backwards anymore.

Please post on what you think of this. I ask for your thoughts, stay under control though.

Dude, it’s a Torker…

Consider trying to replace it through warranty. How long have you had it?

I think the fall felt harder from the unicycle’s point of view. Giraffes and big wheels (Cokers and what came before them) are especially susceptible to bent cranks from dropping them.

I have a tx, as does my mate, Never bent the crank but we have bent his frame from dropping and hopping on it. These things are not robust, that’s why they’re so damn cheap. It’s prety easy to throw them down hard, or fall with some of your weight still on the uni so it gets driven in to the ground, id just get a new pair of cranks.

I’d practice catching it when you fall. That’s one of the first things I worked on once I bought my TX. I have only dropped it 2 times, once was on grass when I decided to do some giraffe muni (and by that I mean I tried to ride down a rough-actually substantially steep-slope, I made it until it went back uphill). So, you have to be careful, as for a fix, maybe a bike shop, idk.

I know how to fall on a girraffe (sounds odd) I have done it many times. I am… successful… to say the least at unicycling.