How far can you skid?

I have been attempting skids on my Qu-ax 24 and have made it, at most 2 metres, while slipping off backwards, and on rough gravel. I twist sharply when going reasonably fast, with one foot rigid to prevent rolling out of the slide, but the uni always slides from underneath my feet.
I am getting better, but the question surfaced:

And is there a world record for uniskids?
Post a video if you can do immensely lengthy ones.

About 2 cm.

Well if i riding my coker and riding in these conditions. Then…
Dry - 20 - 30cms (getting better though)
Wet - 3 metres +
Light hail - much much more :wink:

But i do my best uniskids at night when it rains. :smiley: :smiley:

Woaw! :astonished: could you show a video of your 3 meters + skid please? Well 2 or 3 meter will be enough if you don’t succeed at first try;)
do you roll out of such a skid?

I’ve never tried a skid on a uni on purpose. I can’t see much point in one.

My accidental ones must have been up to 10cm when it rained.

So, what are skids? I still don’t get it:D
Can you post a video of you doing it?

I accidentally skid with my 20" for about 1,5 meter. always under rain and on muddy terrain… It’s always an accident but it always looks and feels hell cool!!!

when i am riding down a ski run that is steep enough, i try to stop pedaling and just slide… i dont usually ride away… but i would say 2-3 meters before i fall off is about right…

There was a bunch of ice on my driveway so I tried skidding down it and I made it about 1.5m, but I would always fall of backwards.

Just under 2m on wet mud :slight_smile:

I have some old super-8 footage of me skidding a foot or so on snow/ice. Also of trying to skid on my Schwinn Giraffe, usually with dismounts.

I never really pursued skidding because it always seemed like something with so little chance of control to not be able to make consistent results. Learning to glide and coast became more interesting once I heard about those.

I did a 5 foot drop once and discovered, some time later, that I left a 4 inch skid mark…

…in my drawers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done unmeasured but significant skids on sand dunes. Just this weekend I made it through a mud pit that was at least 25 feet long; it wasn’t a pure, wheel locked up skid the whole way, but I had basically no traction the entire time.

It works a lot better downhill.

i skud once.

Justin does a pretty good skid on Defect.

What do you mean by “roll out”??? and i don’t have a video cause it was only a one timer to see if i could do it. sorry :frowning:

i did about a 3.5m skid
down the side of a sand dune, and yes, i did ride out of it.
it was sweet
otherwise, they are freaking had on a trials tire. on my street bmx tire that I had i could do them for 1m, but every once in a while i can do 2m
my friend can do like 5m
he is insane, he just pedals like crazy and turns, if he gets it right, it looks sweeet, I have never seen anyone else do anything like it

he laughed at the one in defect.