How do you spin uni so fast; unispin?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to land a 360 unispin for a while now, and I know it’s not my legs that are the problem. I’m jumping perfectly, and kicking my legs super far out. (I can do the splits, so that’s not the problem)

My problem is spinning the unicycle. When I 1spin, I use my backhand (right hand) to whip the unicycle around, but my left hand,(undominate hand) has trouble spinning it the last 180 degrees.

I don’t know how to fix this problem. I just can’t spin it fast enough. Any tips, advice.

Also, I’ve seen all the tutorials out there, so don’t bother posting any of them.

Thanks for all of the help.

If you’ve seen the tutorials, howcome you say your left hand has trouble spinning it the last 180 degrees? In the tutorials I’ve seen, you spin the seat all at once giving it a high spinning rate from the get go. You don’t do it in 2 stages or use a hand to spin it the last bit.

Yeah, +1. today I fluked an in2in 360 unispin this way, first time I ever saw it done this way though.

It is funny because I have the opposite problem. I spin it so fast that I have can’t catch it with enough control, and when I bring my feet back I tend to miss the pedals as they have already gone all the way around and are starting on a 540. It will probably take me another few months (after like 3 years of practicing) to get 3’s and then like a few days to get 5’s just because I spin fast.

Really, I’ll have to try that!

But aren’t you supposed to use the back hand in the beginning so that you get the flick/spin, and the front hand is just a uni-stabilizer?

I throw with equal force with both hands.

Front hand.

Spin with your front hand. Hold the seat on the side of the middle right above your post (maybe a little in front but mostly right above). Spin with that front hand and hold onto the seat most the way around. You should be able to spin the uni all the way around without letting go, if you use this hand position.

A tip for spinning faster. I find that if I want a faster spin, I can squeeze tighter on the seat. It just makes my muscles work more.

Definately go with this. I don’t think it makes my muscles “work more”, but it definately gives me a more firm grip, and I feel more in control of the speed.

Don’t use your back hand for 1spin and 3spins. Spin the uni with your front hand and you will be able to spin faster. Use your back hand just to point the direction.