How did you progress with time?

No, I’m not asking how you got better - the obvious answer is practice.

I’m asking about the sequence you went through while learning new things. For example, you could post your skills as you learned them in chronological order.

For example:

  1. ride forward
  2. free mount
  3. hop
  4. idle
  5. ride backwards
  6. 1270 upsin (lol, you get the point)

What came quickly to you? What took you weeks of constant practice?

After two and half years of riding I can just about manage one and half of the things on your list.
If I’m lucky.

I’m posting in the wrong thread here, aren’t I?

My list was only an example.

I’m a complete noob, so my actual list is:

  1. Ride forwards
  2. Free mount
  3. Idle (well, working on it now)
  4. Hopping (again, still a work in progress)

I’m asking about the order you learned things, not just what you can do.

Oh in that case my list matches yours.

free mount
hop (although I’ve never been able to hop up anything big).

It took me about 10 months from getting my unicycle to be confident enough to commute on it - ie. to get up/down anything I needed to on my commute.


I’ve been riding since the end of June and can already:

360 unispin - static and rolling
crank flip
tyre step body varial
some 270 unispins
wheel walk(not so good at it)
and I’m learning how to rolling wrap :smiley:

I’m more interested in the sequence you learned things in, not just what you can do.

Free mount
Bunny hopping (e.g., stairs)
One foot riding
Riding SIF
Riding backwards
Wheel walking
One foot wheel walking
Better hopping SI/SIF (e.g., benches)

Currently working on gliding.

Many of the skills at the top of the list I was working on simultaneously, so it’s hard to put them in order. I also separated my hopping into two phases because my height and control increased dramatically when I switched to my right hand.

My progress:

  1. Bought a uni 24"
  2. Learn to ride in a straight line.
  3. Learn to turn.
  4. Bought another uni 20"
  5. Learn to freemount.
  6. Bought another uni 29"
  7. Started practicing jump mount.
  8. Started practicing idling.
  9. Eat Kraft Dinner for a month and don’t go out Saturday nights. (Edit) Spend Saturday nights practicing 7 & 8
  10. Buy another uni.-36"

I guess I’ve gotta add another thing to my list as of 5 minutes ago.

I tried for the first time to jump mount, and landed a few and rode off with about a 50% success rate.

Riding (straight line, turning, u-turning, very small drops).
Jump/suicide mount.
Crank grabs/to rubber.
Some basic trials lines (gaps and skinnies and such).
Leg wraps.

That’s about where I am after almost 3 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Mount with assist, ride straight without assist (learned in a few days)
  2. Learn to turn, go up and down curbs (learned in about a week)
  3. Learn to static mount (learned in a few days… had some really ugly UPDs!)
  4. Started learning to idle, got tired of even uglier UPDs
  5. Rested for about 20 years (time passed quicker than I can tell you)
  6. Picked up where I left off :astonished: trying to learn to idle (its already taken me 20 years to get here, so what if it takes a little longer?):slight_smile:



1.ride forward
4.jump off tables
5.1 foot ride
7.working on riding backwords
8.long jump

All righty, I’ll do a timeline dump here… I haven’t really thought about this before… hmmm.

April 2006: Ride forward
May 2006: Freemount
June 2006: Freemount without rolling back!! oooh…
June 2006: Hop
October 2006: Drop (not from too high, though)
December 2006: Rocky and droppy MUni
February 2007: Small rolling hops
March 2007: Idle
May 2007: Ride backwards (but still haven’t totally gotten it yet!)

Fast foward to the Cokering, and it gets a lot more boring :stuck_out_tongue:

October 2007: Ride forward faster, with the revolutionary… Coker™!
January 2008: Hard braking stops
February 2008: Ride forward farther…
March 2008: Ride forward geared up, faster again…
April 2008: Ride forward geared up, without crashing and burning every week.
May 2008: Shift gears without thinking about it.
June 2008: Ride forward faster again…
August 2008: Ride forward a little faster again…
October 2008: Use brake in lieu of backpressure for slightly “technical” Coker muni

November 2008: Vote from a Coker!!! (haha, I wish :-P)

Seems that all I know how to do anymore is “ride forward” and how to stop “riding forward” along with the occasional bit of fun… it floateth my boat :slight_smile:

I train with a unicycle team that follows the IUF/USA freestyle levels for learning new skills, but not always in that order. These are a great series of skills that generally build on each other but it’s also a good idea to try things that just strike your fancy.


Ride forward
Bunny hop
Ride down curbs
Ride backwards
Ride quite far forwards and find this so much fun that I don’t spend much time learning anything else.
Idle on my big wheel (29er not 36)
One foot idling (learnt at a BUC where I had access to inside riding for a couple of days) but only with my left foot off the peddle.
Spent so little time practicing backwards riding that I can no longer do it (I have no regular access to inside riding and am too chicken to practice backwards riding on the road incase I hurt myself)
Working on one foot riding but getting nowhere - don’t practice enough.
Also working on juggling while idling but also don’t practice enough
My biggest accomplishment so far - taught my son to ride.
Bought a lot of unicycles along the way - it’s what I’m best at :slight_smile:

Skills in order:
Ride Schwinn 24" and 26" wheels.
Mount with a curb assist.
Free Mount the rollback mount.
Ride up and down curbs.
Wasted ~35 years of life not riding.
Ride a Sun 28" (was able to mount and ride immediately. Just weak.)
Ride a Torker LX 20" (not much)
Ride a Nimbus 24" Muni
Learn to hop around.
Learn to hop 6" curbs.
Learn to Idle
Learn to ride backward
Ride Nimbus 36"
Learn to roll mount.
Made 23 miles on the Nimbus 36" (flat rail trial)

Skills I’ve lost:
Backward would take some practice. Have no need for that.
Rolling mount, would take some practice, would be handy on the 36".
Last summer I started riding my Nimbus 36" almost exclusive, and I’m
starting to lose the idle, and hopping since those are difficult on the big

Maybe I’m wrong, but remember as a kid riding up a curbs without hopping,
but somehow rolling right up the city curbs on a 24" wheel. Today that
seems impossible, except for small curbs on a 36" wheel, which I can just

Ride forwards …(2 mo.)
Circles w/ diameters < 3m.
Figure 8’s w/ diameters < 3 m.
Ride down driveway ramps
Ride up driveway ramps…(4 mo.)
Ride off a curb…(6 mo.)
Ride off curbs consistently
90 degree turn w/in 1 m.
Mild Muni…(1 yr.)
Ride SIF
Backwards (not well)…(2 yrs.)
Moderately technical Muni
Hop 5 X’s and ride away
180 degree turn w/in 1 m…(3.5 yrs)

Still can’t hop well enough to be any use. Also I can’t freemount, or idle at all.
(Paralysis in my lower legs, hips and glutes)

Also the Street and Trials skill levels in my sig.

Is it a physical condition that prevents you from freemounting or lack of practice?

Um, did you read the part about…

I think its amazing, inspirational even. :smiley:

I suspect “lack of practice” isn’t an issue.