How did you learn?

Was reading another thread and saw people veering to this conversation and thought I’d start a thread to hear where some of you started unicycling. I started in the snow in michigan on a christmas morning by hanging on to a fire hydrant. I got much better once I shoveled the sidewalk! Ha!

I learned at a tennis court holding on to the net in july

I learned by holding onto my fence in the backyard, and just going for it on the grass, were i eventualy got better and better.

I learned going back and forth in my upstairs hallway using the wall for occasional balance, it was winter.

I learned in my basement. At the time we just took some cabinets out of our kitchen and I had a little strip in between them that I rode in. I was actually supposed to be helping my dad with the electrical for the kitchen and I didn’t want to work so I was down in the basement and picked it up.

I learned in the middle of a road on a unicycle made from a bmx 20 years ago with 10 spokes missing a couple of springs ago xD

I started to learn against a building and didn’t get to far. When I bought my own a couple years later I studded the tire and and learnt on a cleared section of the lake as it was the only flat area around.

I learned in a parking garage where I just went for it, not holding onto anything.

I learned by riding along a chain link fence next to a sidewalk.

When I lost my balance, I could grab through the fence and prevent a fall, this was pretty bad for my fingers though, even with gloves. When I started going several consecutive revolutions, I could brush my palm along the fence for balance, kind of like riding Braille.

The tennis court was good too, that’s where I learned how to turn.


The neighbors must have thought that you really lost it. Old guy, 1 wheeled bike, snow on the ground. Definitely crackers.

I learned on the back deck of my house. Has a nice railing at just the right height. I’d come home at midnight from my job and would try to ride it. Lots of banging noise as the uni kept hitting the deck.

i learned by holding onto the rail on my deck and by watching video on this site. thanks. my dauguter learned by holding daddy’s hand.

I learned in an old school hall. I put my chair (that I was holding on to) just far enough away from the stage so that one rev could get to it then set off from my chair. The better I got, the further away from the stage I moved my chair. Eventually I turned my chair around and rode right across the room. :smiley:

Similar to Cathwood, but in a tennis court holding the chainlink fence.
Started cutting the corner, first in small distances, then greater and greater as time went on.
Eventually I could ride the length of the court.

Set yourself small goals.

I learned partly down the street from me on a wall. I got my first good goes in the winter near my mothers house. It was at the elementary school I once went too. (against the side of the building/ using a beam once I got better) She sat there for 3 hours in the car as I practiced. I think she knew I really wanted to learn, I can’t thank her enough for that day. Ever since that first 35ft ride I was addicted like crazy. At the end of the day I got to about 100ft or soo.

This way.

For me it was mainly in my back garden, which was, luckily, mainly concrete. I had a wheelie bin that I used to prop myself up with to start off, but never had anything to hold on to whilst riding. I think that’s a good thing though, as it meant I had to keep pedalling once I started. That was about 10 years ago now.


I learned one summer when I was playing trombone in the Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre pit orchestra. We lived on campus in dorms. Initially, I used a brick wall. I later used one of those long movable dumpsters that was in front of the dorm building. I would start holding the dumpster, then see how far I could go without falling, as my friends drank beers and dangled their legs off the roof.

Man that was a fun summer.

I still don’t even know what possessed me to learn to unicycle. I one day I just decided to learn, bought a book by Jack Wiley, saved some money, and then finally bought a Sun 20" uni.

I was taught at school.

I learned in Michigan also. Don’t remember what time of year I started, but it was in the weather-proof basement. My unicycle was a P.O.S. so progress was incredibly slow and I gave up many times. But after about six weeks I could ride further than the basement would allow. I took it outside and it fell apart. It was three years before I had access to another unicycle to “finish” learning on. That was a Schwinn Giraffe. Don’t follow my example.

Hey give me a break! I was 12 at the time! Now I do I agree I am old now… in fact a year younger than??? Just kidding!