How can I convince my parents to let me buy a $400 unicycle?

Hello everyone!

I have this little problem, and i need help getting past it! i have a 20inch unicycle (the first one i ever got), but i would like a better one because it is falling apart. The pedals are twisted, the tire has a little hole in it, and the seat post is bent toward the side… plus about 1 million other little problems

I would very much like to get a Koxx-one unicycle called the devil. If you go to you can get it for about $400. I know it is expensive, but i was thinking if i buy this one, then thats it, i’ll live with it for the rest of my life :-D. I have enough money, and im not even asking my parents to buy it for me, I’m asking them if i can buy it with my own money. Now most parents wouldn’t care what you buy as long as it is your money right? well my parents told me i can’t get anything expensive like that… which means i probably won’t be able to get a better unicycle until im like 18 years old!!!

I was also thinking about getting some $200 unicycle but then i would need to customise it and all that crap and maybe even repair it a lot. The koxx-one unicycle that i want has everything i like and need, and i probably won’t have to pay a lot of money for repairs and stuff like that. I’m sorry but i made up my mind… i gotta get that $400 unicycle!!!

I also thought about destroying my unicycle more so my parents let me get a better one, but my parents don’t know anything about unicycling. Thats why they think that $400 for a wheel with 2 pedals and a seat is too expensive. I think it is too… but there are much more things to it than just a wheel with 2 pedals and a seat… like how light weight it is, how strong it is, ect.

well anyways, im sorry about all the reading you just did… im just really frustrated and would like to have a unicycle that works instead of the broken one i have now. Please help me, i would love to help you in any way i can, just ask :smiley:


p.s. heres the website for that koxx one unicycle:

Tell them you at least don’t want a $700 one…yet

Will they let you buy lots of less expensive things?
Frame, rim, hub, saddle, cranks, tyre, spokes… :wink:

I’ll pay you $200 to pressure wash and paint my fences.

Sometimes you have to sing for your supper. My kids saved up for their own i-pods.

How much will they contribute? Convince them to pay 1/2.

He said:

To the OP:

Tell them what’s wrong with your current one. Tell them that uni is good,clean fun and it’s keeping you away from worse influences (it is, right?). Tell them that a high quality uni is $400 or $500 and (an exercise for you and google) show them that the prices of high quality bikes are WAY more.

You could start looking at bicycles that are $1500 - $4000 for a few weeks. Then the $400 uni will look really cheap… :sunglasses:


Show them this site, with all the great information and help you can get here.

Also let them know there are people here that started riding unicycles before you were born, and that there are a lot of us “older gentlemen” over 50 that are still interested in riding.

At worst case, maybe you can convince them on $260 for a DX.

No offense to your parents but, why the hell do you even have to ask? You’re paying for it. If you don’t have a credit card or checking account just ask a friend who does.

make up a spreadsheet with different unicycles and their prices, do mostly muni and trials uni’s since that is your market, and educate them on why unicycles cost as much as they do. Also, explain to them why you want to upgrade so badly. The worst that can happen is that they will say no, and you might have to settle for a lower quality uni.

That deserves an emoticon. :o

Say your going to the store, but go and get a money order. Once you have the money order, send in the info, and send it off to renegade. Wait a while for it to get there, then a little more for the uni, but that’s a discreet way to buy stuff. =p

Isn’t the KH trials lighter? And I believe AE Bikes sells the KH for under $400, but they are still waiting for a new shipment.

it took me about 4 months to convince my parents to give me a koxx red devil for my birthday and christmas…

my advice… every time u leanr a new trick shotu at them so they come see, then everytime it rains, go otu and unicycle, making sure u show them u are going…

make it ur only activity on the weekends…

then finally do alot of big drops, and constantly complain on how u are breaking ur cranks/hub and keep going to the bike shop.

thne eventually tell them that the bike shop told u to get a better one cause u are way too good for that one.

i bet u in a month u can convince them espeically if u are paying.

My parents thought my first $75 unicyclewas a waste of their money. Now I’ve thrown over $1000 into a single unicycle, and still could throw down at elast a 1000 more.

The key to getting what you want from your parents:

  1. Whine
  2. Cry
  3. Whine more
  4. Make bad smells
  5. Whine more

Don’t forget the backup plan.

  1. Kill many innocent citizens.


  1. Collect things such as cat shit, when you’re depressed about not having the unicycle, eat a piece and cry about it to your parents.

Where the hell did that come from?

i have also heard of an idea where you buy those visa gift cards and put the exact amount of money you need and your good to go.

just buy it and act really surprised when it turns up :slight_smile:

Tell them its cheaper than a car, and better exercise.
Maybe you shouldn’t get one called ‘the devil’… get the blue berry model. They’ll think thats cute.

Wives can be the same… they dont see how having more than one unicycle is necessary. Get a girlfriend that unicycles :slight_smile:

Tell them to lay off…Its your money(i assume you worked hard for it) and tell em that if you wanna spend it on this then your gonna whether they like it or not. If my parents told me that i couldnt spend MY OWN MONEY on what i wanted…id tell em where to get off.