How can I convince my parents to let me buy a $400 unicycle?

Thing #1: Do not yell. This will make your parents even more deaf to your requests.
Thing #2: as already mentioned, explain that you can buy a high end MTB for 4 times as much as a good KH.
Thing #3:You get what you pay for. More money spent equals a better unicycle with more durable parts.
Thing #4: Also already mentioned, Show them what stuff costs. If they see it for themselves they will be more inclined to let you buy one.
Thing #5: It’s your own money! point this out to them in a gentle way. They aren’t the ones buying it, you are.
Thing #6: ask them why they won’t let you buy it. if you see their side of the situation, you can probably think of a better strategy to get that uni.

Hey man, I understand where you are coming from. Before I went off to college, my parents were the same way about some things I wanted to get. Well…I had the money go get a motorcycle…so I guess that doesn’t really count. Either way, here are some of the tactics I used to get things I needed.

  1. If your cranks, axle, or pedals break during a drop, it could endanger the posibility of them having grandchildren in the future. (this one works really well!).

  2. You are going to hurt yourself in general on what you have now.

  3. “This is the only time for a long time that I will have extra money to spend. I won’t have time for much work in college and once I get out I will be burried in debt as a bachlor. Please let me buy this while I can.”

Try some of these. If all else fails, start piecing together a uni. Depending on what you have now, you might be able to go ahead and start. Buy you a Nimbus II frame off UDC. buy Koxx hub, crankset, and try-all rim from renegade and get a lbs to put them together. Get the pedals of your liking from wherever. If you already have a 25.4mm seatpost, you can use that for now with your existing seat.

Buy all this one piece at a time and maybe you can get it past them.

I’ve though of some more things too:
Thing #7: Unicycleing = TONS of excercise. by buying a $400 one, you get one that is strong enoug to be used for a lot of excercising.
Thing #8: I asked my mom what she first though when I wanted to buy a $250 DX. She said that’s not what she would have done, but that’s because she can’t ride. she told me she though I had found something great to spend my money on. I could have spent just as much soing soccer at soccerzone or something, but She recognized that I get more satisfaction out of my uni than I ever did at soccer zone.
Tell your parents that there were parents of other unicyclists who overcame the same ramifications and ended up realizing that their children made a good descision afterall.
Thing #9: Do unicucles, not drugs…:stuck_out_tongue:

As for building one from scratch, just buy a Nimbus 2 frame, Koxx wheelset from Renegade (the whole thing is cheaper than the individual parts), Koxx rim tape for the wheel (the wheel doesn’t come with any :angry: ), a KH Street fusion saddle and a seatpost. the Nimbus 2 frame is the strongest frame out there and looks hot with a koxx wheel and some Jim Cs or, better yet, Hoffmans. My brother has the same setup except with a Miyata seat :angry: (Blea!) and it is actualy lighter than a KH.:slight_smile:

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bedrosianpeter, what kind of Uni do you have now?


You can buy the Koxx wheel prebuilt for $150, my bad.

I fyou convince them, I suggest the KH trials uni more than the devil. lighter better frame, not as mean sounding, isis hub and crank set, great length cranks, better rim than koxx, similar seat but the KH has a removable cover.

WHat has bedford got to do with this?

dont listen to him that is bad advice, just learn to do bigger drops and then break it while showing your huge drop to them. then you can get a new uni

yeah, and as the wheel crumples beneath his descending body, he breaks his ankle and proves to his parents that what he is doing is too dangerous for $400. Just tell them that your current uni is dangerous, while showing them the bent seatpost, etc. and how a new unicycle would allow you to do what you love, and in a safe way.

once again, he is not trying to blag a uni off his mom, he wants to buy it himself.

Edit: If you get the Koxx get the Gold Edition or Blueberry. They wouldn’t want to get you something called a Devil or a White Widow.

What?! I thought the KH WAS the lightest trials uni you could get, because of the aluminum frame, the Nimbus is heavier steel.

+1 although the hub and rim may be lighter.

Any luck talking to them yet? What if you tried having them email Darren Bedford to talk about why a better unicycle might be good for you. Depending on what kind of riding you do, I’m sure he’d help them realize why you need a certain quality unicycle. Have you shown them any of Shaun Jahanesson or Ryan Atkin’s videos? I’m not sure if you’re trying to get into Street or Trials, but it might show them what some of the best riders out there are riding, and you need to catch up. Other than that, you just gotta stick it out. Keep riding hard on the on you have and enjoy it, and maybe someday a birthday or some sort of holiday will come around, and in good spirit they will allow you to purchase a unicycle. There’s my advice, I had a tough time getting a better uni back in the day too.

Kevin McMullin

yeah and you could do more flatland tricks, and technical trials (like rails, posts, etc. all lower than 1 foot high) untill you can peice together a good one peice by peice if they say no to the Koxx.

If you paint it to look like your preasant uni thay might not even notice that it is completely different. If they start to pry just say “Well the frame and post bent so I replaced them, then the cranks, etc.”

I think one of the best pieces of advice is to explain to them that what you are riding now is not safe. There was a post a few weeks ago about someone who’s spoke broke and impaled their leg, tell them about that! Unexpected failure of equipment can be deadly and you need something solid that you can trust. Good luck!

Is it possible to find a 2nd hand one. Just in case you change your mind on spending $400. Sometimes cheaper is better. :smiley: :smiley: :D. My first was supposed to be $200 but instead i got it for $120 and guess what i still have my Torker LX. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

my nimbus trials is roughly the same weight as my KH 2007 trials

yeah and you could do more flatland tricks, and technical trials (like rails, posts, etc. all lower than 1 foot high) untill you can peice together a good one peice by peice if they say no to the Koxx.


Yeah, that’s what I was saying. The Nimbus II frame is heavier, but it is only $42 compared to $200 for the KH frame. Plus, the Nimbus II frame is VERY similer to that of the Koxx.