Horsie-cycling (pic)...

As I explained in my last post, my KH seat broke off, so I replaced it with a dowel rod and decided to learn seat-out (Dowel-out?) riding. After a few hours I started to get the hang of it, then broke the dowel, and replaced it with a 5-foot metal pole, and at the advice of UniBrier, attached a big fluffy toy horsie head to the top. The best part: When you press the ear, it makes really loud loud horse noises and plays William Tell.
Here’s the pic.

That’s a candidate for my ‘Things not to do’ page!

Using a pole is actually harder than holding a seat, because you don’t have a good grip to keep the uni from twisting.

Man, that’s a great look. Thanks for posting. Now all you need is a long horses tail hanging off the back of your belt.


Why the long face?
Nice hat btw. :smiley:

Very nice, maybe you and a few others could all ride like that and become a cowboy uni group…

That would be quite an Honor! :smiley:

hahaa, my friend said she saw you on campus earlier.

love the hat!

Great stuff!

I may “steal” the idea too.

Next step is to make a rigid handle that looks like the reings. Then you can ride HIF (Horse In Front) one handed. Next you need a flunky clapping two coconuts together for the hoof sounds and you’ll have a unicycle version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I dressed up as a Cowboy for Halloween. I turned my Uni into a horse as well. I may actually have the exact same head. I went out and found material/faux fur, faux leather, and long faux fur for a tail. I made it have a saddle, tail, everything. I used PVC pipe and Foam to form the body. On the back I had a PVC pipe that was covered by foam and fur. The PVC was filled with candy and when you slide a rod it pushes out M&M’s.:smiley: I used a piece of elastic to make an opening that would hold in the candy as well as stretch to let it out with some pressure… basicly the horse pooped candy.

It was tough to ride since the front was designed to pivot and was hinged to prevent beakage on UPD. It was heavy. So it was a little off ballance, difficult to mount and dismount. It did get the looks though. I am determined to become more proficient at riding by next year, in addition I am going to add hoofs with horse shoes on the pedals.

Also when you press the ear it sang some lame song like “I’m a pretty pony” My daughter got a Pink one when my wife baught the brown one. I think it would have been funnnier.

heheY, someone should do that with a giraffe, and put a giraffe head on it!! Except that riding a giraffe seat out is pretty tough…


Let me guess… Tootsie Rolls? :smiley:

I’d love to see pics!


very nice cap!