Hopping with cranks vertical

I decided to concentrate on hopping today, but although all the advice seems to suggest that I should be hopping with my cranks horizontal, I was finding it easier to hop and maintain control with my cranks vertical (right foot down).

I even managed to hop up a curb :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ! That made me happy inside!

But, is hopping with cranks vertical a habit I should be getting into, or would it be more beneficial to really practice hopping with cranks horizontal?



Most… certainly… not!

Although you are finding it easier to learn that way, it would put you way off balance when advancing onto other obstacles.

If you are having trouble keeping your feet horizontal when trying to hop the conventional way, make sure you keep your legs straight with unbent knees, good body tension, stand up straight, and do little hops with your whole body.

I learned to hop rolling…which was wierd and I found it easier to hop w/ vertical cranks like you’re saying. Eventually I tried hopping in one place w/ horrizontal cranks and found it much easier after a small while.

Its actually a good skill to have, to land and jump in any position. But dont use it for your preferred way of hopping.

Just keep practicing so you have equal pressure on each feet and hopping horizontally should become pretty easy.

Dick Fosbury. Who knows what a new technique can bring?

Not a good thing at all. You want the cranks horizontal. It’ll make it easier for just about everything.

I’ve tried doing it with them verticle and I just can’t do it :P. I guess I’m used to the other way.

hopping with your cranks horizontal will give you about 6 inches extra clearance between your ass and the seat, allowing for much greater tuck on jumps. Having your feet spread also gives you a mroe stable base. However, being able to both land drops with the cranks vertical and put in small correction hops is useful in muni.

or something like the outcome of this

ha ha ha ya its not a good idea, jump with them level it will work alot better in the end. but it would be funny to see someone doing that…

im sorry, i need to remember the family forum! Gosh! slaps head lol…

Nobody mentioned this yet, but hopping with the cranks vertical will put all the stress on the bottom crank, which would lead to early consequences with a square-taper axle. It’s probably fine with a splined setup though.

It’s probably also hard on that bottom pedal, and could pop the bearings. But it could be interesting as an alternative hopping method, or just something most people can’t do.

To avoid these problems, rotate one-half each time you hop up into the air, to stress each pedal evenly. :smiley:

One of the main reasons I’ve been able to hop like this is I’m struggling to bring myself to a halt with the cranks horizontal…my feet want to keep going until my right one is on the ground. Just seem to have more control that way.

Mount using a wall or something to lean on, stand up straight holding the seat with whichever hand feels right, and go for it.

ps keep both your legs locked.

Yeah, I can mount ok and just hop from there, but riding for a while and getting the cranks horizontal is what i’m having problems with.

I disagree with this advice. You need your knees slightly bent to absorb landings and crouch for jumps. Otherwise you are hopping with just your calves and ankles. It’s also harder to balance.

Practice riding backwards and idling, then. That will fix that problem (with time) - the stopping with your cranks horizontal skill is necessary for many tricks, not just hopping.

Where did he say he was doing drops or trying to get any height? The first thing to learn is standard hopping, which is hopping on the spot to gain balance. Therefore, my advice was fully correct, and not yours.

I, respectfully, disagree. Even without trying for height slightly bent knees are better for balance and less dangerous. Impacting onto locked legs is bad for your knees, even it it’s small impacts from standard hopping.

I guess he should try them both and see which he likes better.

Very strange, very strange indeed! Let me ask you this, what style do you ride?