Homemade saddle

It’s my 3rd homemade saddle and I’m in trouble.

I’ve started with a huni-rex saddle, than upgraded to old 2008 KH saddle, than a Naomi saddle and than a KH zero. The zero was great, but I started modding the old saddle and find my flattened one better than the KH zero.

I went on modding another saddle and that was even better. I use a deep carved hollow center crotch area and a flat saddle base.

Than I bought a Mad4one handlesaddle and built my 3rd saddle. Than tested it for a 25mile ride… my back experimented a blue U-shaped pain mark. Than added a thin extralayer to the saddle and experimet it again… same blue mark on my back…

I understand it is due to the lack of the center part of the saddle. In my previous tests my weight was distribuited on a larger base (even with my deep cut out in the middle). But now the saddle and the cushion has no center part where distribute even a small weight amount.

I’m considering wearing chamois, but it seems a mistake to add padding to my shorts… a saddle should be comfy, my shorts should be without friction… using a padded shorts means that my saddle cannot do the job it was made for.

Do I have to go on making the saddle thicker or adding cushioning to my shorts?

I think you should stick with your second saddle. It all seems too much trouble to me. There are already so many different saddles out there and there is bound to be one that is comfortable enough. I also believe that after 15-20kms all seats start feeling uncomfortable. Also bike saddles become uncomfortable and can give aches for days on end. At least with a unicycle you can sit upright and you don’t get a stiff back.
I don’t quite understand your blue u-shaped pain mark. Why do you get that? Seats only hurt me in the groin area (numbness and chafing).

The groin area problems are solved if you leave an hole in that part of the saddle. But the hole makes me sit in the most back part of the saddle (I push downward on the handle to release some stress, but in this way I sit on the back part of the saddle mainly).
I’m considering buy a cheap triathlon saddle to test its cushion on the handle saddle.

Gotta Love this !

Hi, Has anyone else done this? I have had this hard rubber pad taped under my seat cover KH Zero. This after flattening all my seats in the oven during that craze. (and that helped some) This has provided years of high mileage comfort for me. Oh and I do ware padded shorts.

Thank you lobbybopster! I cannot weld a full suspension seatpost like yours, but I can increase the padded thickness. I’m using about 3/8 inch thick foam… I can use more… like 1 inch of a rubber like yours or maybe tear apart a latex pillow and use the latex


Yes, but my pad is 3/4" (19mm) and fairly hard/firm silicone rubber. It raises up my sit bones above the rest of the seat, and I can still control with my legs as it does not make me slide forward. position must be important, so now I will see this as I have to put it back in under the cover in the right place. Good luck, comfort is attainable. It is different person to person.

Yes you are right, those seat post frames make it very comfortable, I have all from 20" to 36" my favorite 24" muni.

That looks very interesting! Also it looks like bubble gum, but that’s not why. If your sit bones go on that part, what about your centerline? Does all that circulatory stuff end up in front of the pink area? I’d be concerned about pressure in the center.

I’m all for saddles that work better for long rides, even if they look funny. Even if they weigh more; I’m not going to sacrifice much comfort to shave a few ounces…

The Seat

John, You road it on my 36" in front of your house a couple of years ago, shortly but that was the seat insert I used. Your sit bones close to the post, more like the two wheeled uni with training wheel in front.