Homemade handlebars

Hi All,

I have been watching unigeezers videos on how to make handlebars but was wondering what people’s views were on using a kids metal scooter handle (T shape) then attaching couple of extra bits of metal on the ends of the handle to give the unicycle handle bar effect.

Was also wondering on simple ways of attaching they bars to the the T-bar

Many thanks

You can get many ideas in the Post your homemade handlebars here! thread on this forum.

I’ve made a few handlebars and prefer rounded loop type handlebars over “T” shaped handles. The rounded ones don’t have any sharp edges to get caught on and seem to be stronger. I normally weld my handlebars directly to the seat post but others show different connections on the homemade handlebar thread.

That’s brilliant!! Thank you for the advice and link