Homemade Camelbak dryer

I made this from a plastic coat hanger. Cut it with a saw then sanded the rough edges. It works really well. I remove the bite valve and store it in a small mesh bag while the bladder is drying. I hang the mesh bag from the hook on the hanger.

i’m gonna do that RIGHT NOW :smiley:

I just drape the tube through the handle of a cupboard door and stick a spoon in it to open it up. Works a treat.


I just leave mine full and store it in the refrigerator, that way it never gets nasty, nothing grows in it and it is always ready to go :smiley:

That’s exactly what I do. But it’s still a good idea to clean it out now and then.

Tht’s a cool trick, unfortunately it’s not much good for me as I have a Platypus that only has a small opening, last time I used it it took 6 days to dry!
This thread has given me the idea to use a hairdryer on it next time though.

I put a cardboard paper towel tube in the opening to allow the bladder to dry. Then hang it upside down.

Another tip is to use denture cleaning tablets to freshen the insides of the bladder to get rid of the plastic taste or to get rid of the bleach taste after giving it a bleach cleaning. Or you can use the denture tablets for a general light cleaning to keep the bladder fresh.

I just let mine get all crusty. Then I wash it out with lots of hot water before I use it again. It keeps my immune system strong. :wink:

i never washed mine b4, and its like 2 years old, lol maybe i should wash it cuz last time i thaught the water tested kinda weird

i fill mine with Vodka, nothing ever grows in there!

Yeah, like terrybigwheel said, that’s what I do. Right now I’m wondering just where my camelbak is…

I just checked mine last week. Blech. The hose was moldy. the hose bleached out fine, but the mouth piece still has gray spots after 48 hours in bleach. I imagine it falls in the “safe but gross” category now.

that’s the manly way to do it.

i turn 21 april 30th, i’m gonna do that and see how long i can ride…actually, that would prolly kill me, i don’t usually drink. maybe i’ll make a mixed drink and fil er up.

better start with RockStar 21…lots of sweety stuff in there with the booze though, kleening needed after use…

empty it and it doubles as a barf bag.

I usually just throw mine in the corner after rides.

Putting vodka in it doesn’t work.

I use mine most days and it stays pretty clean, as long as you only use water, and put new water in each day.


When mine goes mouldy I just pour in some Milton solution (the chemical used for cleaning babies bottles) for a couple of days which sorts it out and leaves virtually no aftertaste. If I use it a couple of times per week it doesn’t get mouldy in the first place, which is even better.


I use milton, too. Cleans the mould out really well.

i’ve filled mine up in fridge and see how it goes.