Homemade BC wheel with handlebars

I am trying to build a homemade BC wheel out of the front fork of an old mountain bike. I would like to know if you think this would be possible before I go out and buy the pegs I would use to stand on.

I wanted to do that but with a seat instead of an handle bar. I’ve seen it in a video a long time ago, they called it the BC-uni. But they didn’t had pegs on it, they had the BC plates.

Cool! Just add a break and try do ride downhills with one of those. :sunglasses:

Ha!! I just added a brake, even before I read your post!
Also,thanks very much Spencer! I will be getting some pegs in the next few days, and will post a picture when it is finished.

thanks for the thread! I realized that my little brother’s old bike had all the necessary parts so I was able to make one in like 20min.:slight_smile: now I can save up instead of buying one.

it has a 16" wheel and a brake, and it seems very hard to ride

Bad news:

Pegs will not fit on a mountain bike axle. I am scrapping the project for the time being.

get the screw on pegs,they screw on the axle and replace the nut.

While you are at it, you could add a bit more frame, gears, cranks and pedals, another wheel, a drive chain, and you would have …

I thought the beauty of the BC wheel was its ultimate reductionist approach to unicycle design, i.e. just a wheel.

Or, you could even add to the complexity by trying to set up a “detangler” brake that would allow you to spin the handlebars around without worrying about the cable getting twisted.

I think you should finish your project and post some video of high-speed downhills on it :slight_smile:

and what is the brake cable going to get twisted around?

I am sure it shouldn’t even be possible to turn the handlebars on that build (they are fixed I suppose). At least turning the handlebars does not make any sense since you can’t turn the… bike… uni… wheel… thing… by doing so :wink:

Don’t give up so easily!

A tap will fix your problem with a few drops of fluid and a few turns of the wrist.

Ahh, good points. I wasn’t thinking it through properly! I wasn’t picturing it as being one fixed unit, but it makes sense that it would have to be. There isn’t anything for the cable to get twisted around…doh. :o

sure there is something the cable can get wrapped around… it’s twisted around the stem and steerer twice already.

I am going to try to find the front end off a BMX in the dumps to get the right axle size for pegs, but I have to wait until the only employee has a day off:p.

About calling it a BC wheel, I had no idea what to call it then, but later I found out that it is really called an unbike (not unIbike).

Also, about the brakes getting wrapped around the handlebars, the handlebars don’t turn.

I went in my shed yesterday, and I remembered that last summer, I throw my 20" BMX wheel and fork in the garbage:( Once I’ll find another one in the garbage I’ll do it again, or I might try it with the front wheel of my 16" Mustang b*ke:p

I took out the one I made a few days ago for a “test run”. I cant ride it yet but it was amusing to pretend I was riding a bike


Haha, during this year’s carnival I thought of dressing up as a bicyclist by doing that. Well, maybe next year :smiley:

I have built something similar, but with seat

My longest ride while i’m sit on the seat was aprox. 50 metres. With seat out in front was 10m