Homemade BC w/plates

Here’s a pic of the BC I made for my friend Perry! We didn’t want to wait for the custom pro plates (we’ll get them from Darren when he gets back) so I made some from scratch, using a picture as my only guide. We’ll be trying it out later today. What you can’t see to clearly in the pic is the reinforcement on the back; it’s pretty strong!:smiley:

another angle. There are 6 long wood screws on the back joining the two pieces, wood glue and of course the brackets on the front. The hardwood plywood has 7 laminations, so it’s strong.

Those brackets will last you for about 5 minutes at best.

Edit: Reinforcement? What kind of reinforcement? Have you tried them yet?

Second Edit: I like the way yours looks, though.

Third Edit: 6 long screws? That sounds strong. Hope it works well for you.

and the inspiration for the design…(I wasn’t sure about the dimensions, so I just guessed!)


I’ve been out riding it and it’s solid as a rock and I weigh 145lbs. We’ll see how it goes! I wonder if a nice fat bead of epoxy squeezed into the seam will add more strength?

looks nice!
i took the lazy-arse way out and drilled some holes in pieces of ready-made angle iron. unfortunately, this particular angle iron was only 1 1/2 " wide.
but yours is pretty sweet!

At first I thought they were made out of brass or something like that…

Wood probally won’t las long, but it’ll be easy to replace!

They’re only temps until we get the alum. pro plates. Btw, I PM’d Unidennis (he apparently makes some good plates) but haven’t heard back from him, so we’ll prolly get them from Bedford. These wood plates are working surprisingly well!

Thats a nice looking bc;)

I don’t think the wood will last very long. People have tried wood plates before and they have failed. They look cool though.

Hey spencer, for learning, do you suggest rolling the bc then jumping on it, or pushing off on one foot like a skateboard? Also, I keep falling backwards really hard! Must be my weight distribution is too far back and I have to lean more in the direction of motion?

I think the best way is to get 2 objects like trash cans or chairs on both sides of you then mount holding on and push off with both arms evenly. Learning to mount is obviously easier when you can ride comfortably.
Once you can push off of something then I would learn the skate mount because the rolling mount is less precise, scarrier and there is a bigger possiblity of hurting yourself.
I used to fall backwards before too. You just have to remember to stay over it, it is more a matter of practice than advise.

I’m suprised Evan hasn’t been on here to talk about how these plates are crap and that his plates are the best!:smiley:

If that rock you’re talking about is talc, chalk or gypsum then I guess your metaphor will work… as you stress and strain the boards, the screws will cause the surrounding wood to crack and crumble until POP! one or more of 'em fall out.

You’ve basically created a wooden lever upon which you’re resting your entire body weight. If the lever were pressing up against something large (such as a 8 ft long 2x4, as in a house) you’re okay, but your lever is only contacting a ~12 mm bolt. That’s more pressure than wood can handle for a sustained period.

It will hold the top layer of wood to the adjacent top layer of wood. Remember plywood is a sandwich of layers and unless your method of attachment penetrates all layers (such as a screw), you won’t gain much strength.

Hey that’s ok we all have opinions…but as long as they work, there fine until the new ones arrive!:smiley: Fact is, I’m so lousy at BCing (at least right now) that I don’t think better plates would matter much.

looks pretty good for wood! but i think the weak point is where you bolt it on…

stay safe!

p.s. just a little tip. dont be afraid to use your arms to help. keep your nees bent. and youse your hips for balance. try not to yous your back too much. once you get betters you can use your back to help turn.

good luck :slight_smile:

2+hours of weight bearing on the plates and no problems yet!


big T
now we can race home made bc’s. Sweet. will you let me try the benford when you get it. lol :smiley:

I would put another set of those metal brackets on the underside of the plates, I think that would make them stronger.

They look really nice though, I bet they are light. The jump mount is really scary. I much prefer the skatemount. Nice job on going for it!