Homemade BC w/plates

I would put another set of those metal brackets on the underside of the plates, I think that would make them stronger.

Shit put brackets the whole way down the umm well I’d almost call em plates but thier wooden and it don’t sound right for somereason. Anyways they look nice for wood ones you dimensions turned out good:)

that looks awesome

Also, I’m putting most of my weight on the innermost part of the foot plate, so there’s less stress. I think if most of the weight was on the outer portion, it would be more likely to at least bend downward, which it hasn’t…yet! :roll_eyes:



It still amazes me people dont want to spend a penny on plates, but w/e. tomorrow when these break, go for bedfords.

OF course. As I stated in my earlier posts in this thread, that’s my plan.:smiley:

thats exactly what happened when my brother rode mine

but i need to make some better ones in shop class

I must admit, from concept to Home Depot to my shop to completion took less than one hour; so I’ll admit it was a “rush” job! I’m just happy that they seem to be holding up just fine so far! Bc-ing is pretty cool! If I can just go further than a foot!

i can’t wait to get my trials BC from evan…

then i can start learning some sweet trix and stuff!

on any note,
i’ve ridden evans plates before, and they are, in actuality, very, VERY strong. they were a bit for me to get used to, as i’m used to long plates, but they’re great.

Wait, when did you ride mine? You cant have riden my plates…

the wheel looks awesome what are the specs? if you hav’ent already given them

dont worry terry they wont crack at least not untill we get the other plates and even if they do crack i had fun making them with you. you should bring it to my house so i can practice after schoolwork. oh and I want to thank Spencer and manon1wheel for the tips they posted. I’m trying to learn to ride it with terry so im sure reading that will help.

does anyone know what size the hub on a BC is is it 14mm or 20mm would it matter whch one i use???

Umm well bigger is prolly stronger, but tehre are quite a few dif hub sizes…esp with thrift bikes…

Umm well bigger is prolly stronger, but tehre are quite a few dif hub sizes…esp with thrift bikes…

use 14

Up at 2am? Whoa! I would’ve brought the bc over yeasterday, but didn’t want to interupt your school work. So I’ll wait to hear from you first. I’m still working on the wheel trying to figure out WHY the axle moves independent on each side with the plate bolts tight. The LBS said it was a front wheel! Oh, and I just heard from Unidennis who has the plates available. Should I order them? $55 w/free shipping.

it is supposed to be a front wheel

Right. But now I’m not sure if it is! I’m taking it back to have them confirm.

Then foot rests are about 8" x about 4", and the vert support is also 8" x about 3.5" Total guesswork.

I’ve been trying to find the time (Three piano tunings today again!) to get this bc wheel working decently enough for Perry, who it belongs to, but after test-riding it a little today, I realized that the top supporting plates that attach to the axle are TOO short! My foot bumps right into the axle bolt!

So I have to make a new top part about 1.5-2" taller so I can also make the hole lower and not so close to the top…It did finally break at the hole! (one side anyway.) This is also prolly due also to me over-tightening the bolt against the wood, thus weakening it. I should have put a larger washer there so it wouldn’t “dig in” to the wood.

Unidennis if you’re reading this, I’d like to order apair of your plates asap! Are you set up for paypal or credit card? I’d like to get them right away.