Hockey Tournament Manchester (UK) Saturday 10th December

Seems as though this is turning into an annual event now.

The Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be holding their 3rd annual hockey tournament next month on Saturday 10th December.

This will be held at the same venue as before, namely:

Egerton Park Community Arts College
Egerton Street

The tournament is for everyone, whether you’re just a beginner or seasoned pro! We’ll be splitting everyone into scratch teams to balance the sides out as best as possible. Nobody will be left out - if you turn up then you’ll be put into a team.

This will all take place between 12 noon and 6pm. The cost is going to be £7 for adults and £5 for students and the under 16’s.

The hall itself is large, perfectly suited for hockey and has been recently renovated with a new floor laid (plastic pedals only). For the ones that would like to shower afterwards, then both the mens and womens changing rooms have been completely renovated and recently re-opened (very new and modern looking they are too).

Incidentally, there will be free tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the afternoon.

Depending on numbers, we’ll possibly swap and change the sides around.

Note for the Emu’s: Try to resist bringing your Coker’s!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post directions and anything else I can think of nearer the time. Looking forward to seeing the usual crowd and of course new faces. Last years tournament was a huge success. So, for the ones that have never been to one before, or just can’t afford the airfare to Germany for the international tournament, then make sure you get to Manchester on the 10th Dec.

Steve & Bald Stu

Absolutely fantastic news - I would imagine that a large flock of EMU’s will be attending - roll on the 10th - see you then


I’ve circulated info about this event among the players in South Africa. It is most unlikely that we’ll be able to pop over for the afternoon.
I just like going thru the motions anyway.

Well myself and gemma will try our best to get there :slight_smile:

Great news but I do have something tentatively booked on that day…I’ll see what I can do :wink:


it was a right laugh last year, and i’m sure i’m free to make it this year…

cheers guys

Are you sure that it’s ok for beginners to come?

I’ve never paid uni hockey before but it sounds great fun. I’d love to come.


It would definitely be inappropriate for beginners to come-they might catch up with the rest of us;)
In reality,I would suspect that nearly every single unicycle hockey player is gratefull for having more experienced people who were willing to play with them when they we’re starting out, I know I am/was - so definitely come along as its a fantastic sport and the Manchester venue is a really good place. As its a tournament of scratch teams all the players will be mixed up so there will be a huge range of skills on the pitch which means that everyone will be able to play their part.
The other great thing about hockey is that it improves your unicycling a huge amount as it allows you to ride around and not worry about the unicycle but instead playing the game which tends to mean that you relax and ride better - in fact I can’t recommend unicycle hockey highly enough.
So you don’t even need to ask the question whether you should come it’ll be a fantastic day with a bunch of supportive like minded individuals.
See you there

See you there then



You’re more than welcome to come along. We have plenty of spare hockey sticks so that’s not a problem and I’m sure you won’t be the only beginner there. As well as you making up the numbers on one of the teams, we’ll be having a game just for the beginners and younger ones during the afternoon. There will also be lots of people around only too keen to offer advice and tips on playing hockey. The rules are very straight forward and you’ll soon pick them up.

Here’s a link to the rules of the game:

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Just in case you missed this post the first time round!

I’d hate anyone to miss out on such a superb hockey tournament.



For all those that can make it to the hockey tournament, here are the directions to the DUC. So far we’ve had a very good respose.

The Denton Unicycle Cub, Egerton Park Community Arts College, Egerton Street, Denton, Manchester.

Directions as follows:

From junction 24 on the M60, follow the sign for Denton A57 to the second set of lights (sign posted Audenshaw, Arrow Trading Estate) where you turn left. Road bends to left, then right. Take the first right into Egerton St. We’re 200m on the right, just after the college main building.

Alternatively, join the M67 at junction 24, turn left at the first exit (junction 1A) and Egerton St is the 3rd turning on the left.

Note: please ensure that you use plastic pedals and NOT metal ones.

See you all there.


Hey Steve,
d’you know the post code?



Post code

Hi Cathy,

Post code as follows:

M34 3PB

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Thank you.
Sat nav programmed accordingly.


i am hoping to get there, but i can ride quite condifdently, but im not that good at making sharp turn ect so would i be still able to play?

UniHoki is the single best way to learn to make sharp turns in both directions.

Not only will you be able to play, you’ll also be getting better at it as the afternoon progresses.

At first, just focus on staying on your uni. You’ll be tempted to try some heroic turns and lunges just to get to the ball else you might feel you’re ‘letting your team down’. In reality, you’ll be doing your team more of a favour by just staying on your uni. You might miss that one ball but if your teammate manages to tackle that player and get the ball, you might very well be in the perfect place to receive a defence-splitting pass. And if you’re still busy trying to remount, you can’t play.

So take it very easy, stay on, and have fun.

Do come along Ollie. As long as you can ride, then you’ll be fine. It’s not an issue either if you don’t have your own hockey stick as we have plenty spare for all. We’ll have riders of all abilities there, from beginners to expert and of all ages.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Re: Hockey Tournament Manchester (UK) Saturday 10th December

I was at the Unimeet on the 26th of Nov and heard about the tournament
there. Had a look at multimap for egerton street, and you wouldn’t
believe how many there are in Manchester, anyway, eventually found it
and looked for train to the nearby denton station, and there’s only
about one a week! Would anybody be able to give me a lift to the venue?
I’m in Sheffield, but could easily get a train to nearby stockport or
anywhere else local if it works out easier. Thanks very much, am eager
to play hockey again!


Simon C

I would think the Stockport to Denton bus service is worth a try. See

Looks like a bus every hour . Stocport bus station is a couple of minutes ride ( downhill ) from the rail station.