Hockey and Freestyle Event (UK)

Billingham Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Advanced Freestyle Workshop

Hosted by Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club

Unicycle Hockey Tournament 12 - 6pm
Advanced Freestyle Workshop 1-4pm
Saturday 9th February 2008

Hockey Tournament:
This will be part of the British Unicycle Hockey league and there is space for 10 teams only. This will be strictly allocated on the first 10 teams registered. Games will run simultaneously in the two halls for 6 hours, with a 2 minute turn around between games (this will be explained fully on the day). If 10 teams are not registered by 18th January, we will fill the remaining places with scratch teams. Please contact us if you are interested in playing in a scratch team.

Advanced Freestyle Workshop & UUU Level Testing:
Connie Cotter will be running an advanced unicycling workshop during the afternoon. This will include skill development/sharing, group riding, preparation for competition or performing and discussion of the possible formation of a UK freestyle team. Session will be restricted to the first 20 registrants. After the workshop there will be an opportunity to take the UUU level tests. For more information contact Connie(at)

Billingham Campus Sports Centre
Marsh House Avenue
Stockton on Tees
TS23 3HB

We have use of all 4 halls at the sports centre. The 2 large sports halls will be used for the hockey and the 2 gymnasiums will be used for freestyle workshops and warming up.


Teams should pre register to be sure of a place. Register a team by e-mailing Roger at the address below.

Hockey registration by emailing Roger and forwarding the fee by January 18th.
To Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club
The Grange Business Centre,
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LG

£25 per team ie. £5 per person for hockey or freestyle.
Train, Billingham is off the main East Coast line, we can arrange pickup from the station if you give advance notice.
Airport, Durham Tees Valley (MME) airport is only 25 minutes away and we can arrange pickup (please give advance notice).
Car, there is a large car park available at the centre.

We will be able to provide overnight accommodation with the club members for riders should it be wanted. Bring sleeping bags and give us advance notice.

Unicycles used in the hall must have clean non-marking tyres and plastic ended pedals and saddles. We will have some plastic pedals to sell and tape for saddles at registration.
Please can each member of your team wear shirts of a like colour, if you have no team colours we will provide bibs.

There is no café at this venue; only a few vending machines. There are shops relatively near but we suggest that you bring along your own food for the venue. After the event we will visit a pizza restaurant for food.

More info required?
Contact Roger via e-mail roger(at)

Sunday, 10th February
Those that spend the night can join us for a Muni ride at Hamsterley Forest.

For upto date information click here

I don’t know if I will be able to make it fr the hockey, I hardly play anymore but having ridden hamsterley in the past it is well worth the trip for that alone.

Anyone who likes their muni would be well advised to go for the ride at hamsterley.

I might make the journey up if I’m not too busy.


For those people who stay up they may be interested to know that the Stockton beer festival is on. :slight_smile:


any ideas on how many spaces are left roger, looking likely that we may get a team to it

At the moment there is loads of space, we have lots of interest but only 2 teams have paid the money.

Would be great if SWUM could come up, we can then get our revenge. :slight_smile:


i’ve not been on the forums for ages, but i think the freestyle workshop sounds interesting. only thing is a) i’ve not a freestyle uni and b) i don’t really think i could call myself that advanced. what level is it aimed at specifically if i may ask?

Well Swum have a team and we are coming, now to rob the bank and get the money in the post


We have 6 teams confirmed for the event:
Stockton A
Severn Wheelers

We also have enough scratch teams to make 3 or 4 more teams. If you are coming could you please contact me so that we can be sure that you are allocated to a team. Roger (at) unicycle (dot) com

We also need to know if you are intending to stop over.


There will be accommadation available for anyone who wants it at the event. There will be a £3 charge for the over night stay. Please email me at Roger (at) unicycle (dot) Com


what happened to teams like duc and few other northern teams, hmm shame really, also one of the lads from hackney seems to think they are coming but hes possibly mistaken

We need people to tell us they are coming!

We have only 2 people from outside the area who have told us that want to be in the scratch teams.

The Stockton club have 14 scratch players. :slight_smile:

We are going to be running a little competition for the scratch teams, for the best scratch team (except possible the top scratch team that we will get to be comparable with the top proper teams).

So come one guys, if you are coming tell us and we can put you into teams!

We also need to know if you are interested in the freestyle workshop. I know that people have said they are coming to it but have not officially informed Connie they are coming.


unfortunately i can’t make it as work and current funds wont allow :frowning:

I am looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend. I have the schedule worked out for my freestyle workshop (see below).

Dont forget about the MUni at Hamsterley on Sunday. It is an awesome place to ride, with challenges for all abilities (from those who can just ride to nutters like Roger).


Advanced Freestyle Workshop
Connie Cotter, Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club
Saturday 9th February 2008

Workshop designed for people who have the following skills as the minimum:
–Consistent free mounting
–Ability to ride in small circles
–Working on or want to work on more advanced skills
Hockey players are welcome to join in whenever they have a break.

Schedule (times are approximate)
1-1:15 Warmups

1:15 – 1:45 Group Riding I

1:45 – 2:00 Stationary Skills I
idling & hopping

2:00 – 2:30 Skill Levels
Go through the skill levels, including how-tos for each skill.
Beginning with Level 2.

2:30 – 3:00 Stationary Skills II
spins, unispins, crank-idle, leg-around, some street skills

3:00 – 3:30 Wheel walk and beyond
From learning the basics of wheel walking up to the more advanced gliding, stand-up, stand-up backward, etc.

3:30 – 4:00 Group Riding II

UUU Level testing
4 to 5:30pm
Beginning at 4pm and continuing until everybody has had a chance to test (or until 5:30).

If nobody wants to test for a Level, either free time in the hall or personal assistance on learning new skills.

:slight_smile: I haven’t done any freestyle since last BUC so ‘IF’ I’m feeling energetic enough I’ll join in for a bit of freestyle.

Anyway I’ll see you all tomorrow for some more hockey :smiley: (isn’t this hockey league great)

results- we want results. How did it go, how did SWUM do…

Yeh come on does any one know how swum got on? lol

Was a up and downy tournament from Swums point of view, we won and drew some really hard matches against Bristol and Tholthorpe, as well as beating 2 scratch teams, but we lost 3-2 to cambridge which could have been a more even game for us if we had a chance to have warmed up, Stockton got true revenge on us in the last game, we tended to lack consistency if we would have beaten cambridge we would have came 3rd! gutting ay
Everyone on our team did themselves proud i would have to say though,
despite my creative constructive destructive critiism on the pitch, apologies to anyone that witnessed that im just expressing my passion for the noble game : ) xxxxxxxx

I just got home, what a great weekend!

Great hockey yesterday, and amazing Muni today! Alan and Paul stayed for some Muni, and Keith, Danny and Toni had a little ride too. Danny is great - just wait until he gets his hands on a 24" :sunglasses:

I believe Scratch Team 1 won, EMUs came second, and Stockton in third. Sorry I dont know anymore, Im sure Roger will post them up.

See you all at Denton (23rd Feb!!)


The results are up -

Lunis and EMUs are now tied at the top of the league with 30 points each.

I’ve adjusted the rules for scratch teams as a result of “scratchgate”, let me know if they make sense. I’m pushed for time now so it’s a bit of a quick edit.


so at the minute is league tournament points only allocated for final position decending from 1st to last, rather than the proposed ones which say we get a point for every game we win. in this case i wish we went for goal difference dang! xx

The rules say every team beaten (which is a little ambiguous), what beaten is supposed to mean is teams that you finish above in the tournament results. So at the Stockton tournament Cambridge got a point for turning up and SWUM got a point for turning up and a point for “beating” Cambridge in the final results (even though we won the Cambridge-Swum match). I’m going to reword the rules at the end of this season so they match what we’re actually doing (and everyone is happy with).