Hockey and Freestyle Event (UK)

I have a question to those who attended my freestyle workshop - is this something I should do again?

I enjoyed teaching and I know people picked up some new skills.
[Jas - your gliding definitely was better! And congrats to those who passed levels. Special thanks to Hannah who stuck with me the full time!]

If there is another workshop, is there anybody who would like to only do the workshop, and skip playing hockey?


yes i would like to attend a freestyle workshop, my only difficulty is getting that far up north for a freestyle workshop, and i wouldn’t like to miss a hockey tournament as my team needs me. but i would be prepared to travel a fair distance to attend a freestyle workshop, if there was some sort of midlands meet that could be very doable.:slight_smile:
i think my sister was really inspired by the workshops and is now really keen to go to unicon aswell as sam b

CHeers for clearing that up Paul

Gee, thanks Connie, :roll_eyes: still haven’t mastered it yet though. Makes me sick that Joe Baxter can do it and I can’t, one day…

I think Lucas would definately benefit from another Freestyle workshop, might be able to improve his chances of winning the BUC Freestyle title against…himself, haha.

If anything you may be able to create some British freestyle riders who will stand up against the best of them.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for the tips!


I believe that if the points rules hadn’t been changed EMU would be top. In fact EMU should be top from alphabetical superiority :wink: Luni’s aren’t giving some back handers are they :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously it was another great tournament and here are the pics I took of the score boards if anyone is interested.

Unfortunately as we didn’t have subs I didn’t have the energy to join in and my team didn’t want me to get injured (more than I already am anyway) but it looked good.

I don’t remember saying you couldn’t get injured - we’d have not been happy if you had and may have had to break your legs as punishment - remember though, it was your free choice not to try the dangerous freestyle :wink:

yeh i heard freestyle is soon to be classed as an extreme sport, blimey ladies u play hockey, freestyle should be seen as conditioning of the shins and used as a balance increaser for your hockey skills, i swear theres so much cross over and it means i fall less :slight_smile:

you might be on to something there, perhaps someone should suggest that Connie advertises it as an advanced hockey conditioning class … Now if it could be combined with a course to keep SWUM quiet on the pitch:p - crikey I had ear ache after we’d finished playing you guys

ha ha yeh sorry about that gary lineker said he wouldn’t show it on match of the day purely for my swearing and choice motivating words so my bad