Hiawatha rail trail with my son

My 10-year-old son and I rode the Hiawatha rail-trail recently. It was about 16.5 miles total riding, which was the longest either of us have ridden in a day. Not bad for me on my 29er, but my son was my hero doing it on a 24.

The trail is at the Montana-Idaho border between Coueur d’Alene and Missoula. Lots of great views and fun riding with multiple tunnels and trestles. More route info at: http://www.skilookout.com/hiawatha/

Nothing techical, but decent lights are necessary to avoid ruts in the tunnels. This would be a great Coker ride, and I definitely intend to go back and do the ride round trip (rather than use the shuttle) on my Big One.

Thats realy cool that you muni with your son, especialy that distance!

Thanks! Yeah, it’s a ton of fun riding with him. He actually does some single track with me, too.
I’m also working on getting my 12 and 9-year-olds riding.

:smiley: thats awesome, looks fun!

You are a very good father. I applaud you!

Dude your kid is a beast. 16 plus miles on a 24" WOW!! Nice job.:smiley:

Thanks. It was a bit much, he was definitely in pain by the end, but he bore it well and finished out the ride plenty strong.

Thank you for posting it, it looks like an interesting ride! Oh please tell your son that I’m looking forward to riding that well :smiley: