Hi there, I'm new.

I just bought a cheap new 28" unicycle. I’ve always wanted to ride. I’ve been practicing. I can ride Ok with the help of a wall, sometimes I get lucky and make it 20ft. One thing that has come up lately that I had no forethought of. I’m not partically well endowed, but my genitals hurt. Enough so, that it may not be worth it. I really want to learn. I tried to search here but got no results. I know i’m not the only one. Can anyone direct me to what I should do or a link to read up on?

Thanks, Mark

well, aside from getting another seat or getting a pair of cycling shorts you may want ot loosen the bolts on the seat where it connects to the post and move the saddle forward so less weight goes on your genitals and more on your sit-bones. I personally had (have) the same problem and even with top of the line seats, I still need to get off the cycle after an hour if I am well-adjusted, 20 minutes if I sat down funny. But I’d say stick with it. You probably have a crappy plastic seat now. I started with a first generation nimbus gel saddle (almost as hard as a plastic seat) and I stuck with it and have loved it. Been riding about a year and a half now.

I have to say - learning with a 28". Wow. Yea a gel saddle really helps.

Have you tried a smaller wheel? I did notice that when starting out, people have their weight placed in a less than optimal position. Riding with a a larger wheel (which I’m assuming means a longer seat post and longer cranks) might mean that you’re overstretching yourself, hence causing more instability. That and how you usually require more strength to get up and move when on a larger uni may make any discomfort more pronounced.

2stroketurbo didn’t say 28" wheel. Unicycles are generally measured by wheel size. Do you have a 28" wheel, or a 28" tall unicycle? If the latter, your seat is probably too low, but we don’t know how tall you are.

First rule of “protecting your junk” on the unicycle, make sure you’re not sitting on it. Shove things forward. Get a pair of (padded) bike shorts, which are worn directly against the skin. For more specific information, tell us what kind of seat you’ve got. If it has metal bumpers it’s not one of the more comfortable ones…