Hi, new here

Hai, im new to dis place. I cn rid abot 3 feet. I hve a sun 20 inche. im trying to lern better.

Welcome to the fora.

Enjoy your stay and if there’s anything you wanna know, just ask.


Welcome to the great world of unicycling. Chances are you will never want to stop from this point forward :slight_smile:

Well, maybe 3 ft forward… Welcome though seriously :slight_smile:

banana, how old are you? your spelling kinda tells me that your about 9 or 10.
Any way enjoy unicycling!

I was going to ask the same thing.

Welcome to the fora.
If you have anyquestions about learning to ride, don’t hesitate to ask.
Mind you, you may want to hesitate just for a moment and hit the SEARCH button, but if you don’t find it, ask, there are a bunch of friendly people here who can and will help.

We are working hard at keeping this forum family-friendly, please join us?

And may I introduce you to your SHIFT keys?


ThX. ThE sHiFt BuTtN rOcKs

tHx FoR tHe tEaChEn

Stop being mean to the guy,

Welcome to the forums BK

look at what you’ve don :smiley:

oh ma gawd! its catchin awn!


Goshes I’m tired.

Welcome. But let’s stop joking about spelling. People like me, who did not grow up with the english language, need all the native speakers to write correct English, so we can improve and see what we are doing wrong.

Same with unicycling: We beginners need the experienced riders to tell us what we can do better. Of course, we need to ask.

So, never hesitate to ask when you have a question.

Real OR sarcastic, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen posted in a long time.

Reminds me of this IRC quote.

Nywy, welcome Bnn Kitten. Hope you find unicycling nd the community s enjoyble s most of us do.

HAZA! Yeah… Sorry about the ‘spellinz’ haha. So tired…

Dors your A key not work there?

Welcome to the unicycling world Banana Kitten!:smiley:
We’re nice friendly people who try to keep this forum a nice friendly place, help us on our quest to achive this! If you want to know anything search (a rarely used button for learners by the looks of it) or ask if you fail to find the answer.

I cn ride almost 300 feet now. IM SO HAPY! I cn almot hop 3 times in a row!

I, as well as many other users that are involved in this thread, would appreciate it if you took the time to correctly spell your words, as well as throw a bit of grammar in your posts every once in a while.

Has it crossed anyone’s mind that this might be a “fake” account of some sort?

Just curious.