Hi, new here


pshh… your funny forrest…

hehehe… such thinking… That deserves a cookie


actually, yeh ya got me…
ah well…


My buddy and I have an inside joke where we randomly say the word Madison. I have no idea why you said it, seeing as it has no bearing on the current conversation, that I know of but, that makes it fit so much more!! You don’t happen to know a Justin Lottes in Indianapolis(specifically Brownsburg or Clermont), do you? Or, maybe you just saw the same episode of MST3K that we did and started the same inside joke.


He thought that if this were a fake account, it would be a user he knows, who’s name happens to be Madison. (Ducttape… I think).

This is a fake account.

How do I know?

First, take a look at Banana Kitten’s posts. His first post has no correct grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Not only is the spelling bad, but it was a bad attempt at pretending to be bad at spelling.

Notice that in all of the following posts (outside of this thread), his spelling, punctuation, and grammar improve drastically.

Then Banana Kitten makes this post. That’s pretty impressive for someone who JUST joined the forums.

In that same thread, Banana Kitten makes this post. He even used the acronym…

I know who you are Banana Kitten. Come clean before it’s too late…

I knew it was some sort of fake account before this thread was even started. Especially when Banana Kitten Page Danced in Most Reply’s.
(boy that’s a strange sentence to say…)

Nah I was just speculating that it might be another user named Madison. However, now I’m not so sure. It doesn’t sound like him any more.

hmmmmmm suspisions…

It works perfectly fine. Just my way of discreetly asking the same question to the author of this thread. Ninja style.

I still don’t know the age of this kid…

Wow, you guys sure took this thread out of hand. Haha. Thats some pretty funny sentences also… Really, at this point, i doubt the owner of that account would say anything about who they were.

I should watch one of the MST3K’s we own thismorning…


For the record, a kitten made out of bananas would be pretty awesome.

i shall draw a picture up sometime.

hmmm… look at all of this guy’s posts

a guy who can barely ride who is carefully watching for the new KH unis and knows a lot about the forums, including people’s names and previous quotes from movies that people have made(dudewithasock using that hideous avatar) and acronyms for thread names(not to mention upcoming events)

the following posts don’t need much explaination


i cn unicycle gewd nw?


This thread has taken a turn for the funny, lol.

I’ve had a though!
Madison said he’d be off for the summer to try and lower his posts per day, but if he made a new account, it would get lower without actually leaving the forums. And with the real madison away, banana kitten could go mad on here! Plus banana kitten has made a thead about alter-egos and whatever… is any one else thinking what I am thinking?
this is just an idea, do not take it to be truth, and if I’m wrong… it was someone else’s thought

Oh anad a kitten made of bananas would be funny!

Well, all this alter ego stuff actually makes the forums a bit more interesting to read :d :roll_eyes: !