hi groin help please ;)

hey people im new here, my name is chris and i got my £40 unicycle off ebay about 2 weeks ago… for the first few days i practiced constantly then was quite busy till yest… but the entire time i have had the same problem, groin pain!! it hurts i tell you!.. its not genital related they are nicely tucked away and its not a rubbing problem but more of a kinda of… bruising :S

basicly where i make contact with the saddle, i could be sitting all wrong but i kind of sit on the base of the pelvis fairly central in the whole butt - groin area pretty much directly on the bones where leg meets the rest of me. its fine the begin with but then by about 15 minutes to half an hour in it just hurts… and then hurts even more the next day or after a break… hurts to put any weight on the saddle which obviously is detremental to the unicycling technique. to sum up, hurts where leg meets groin

i have concluded that im either sitting very very wrong… or my saddle is just horrible, which is seems to be, very little padding and the padding is only on the very top (where there is no pain…)

xx thx

It certainly sounds like you need a saddle upgrade. It shouldn’t hurt like that!

Yep, get a higher quality saddle and possibly think about a seat post that allows you to tilt the saddle forward or backward. I had “saddle pain” even with a quality saddle until I finally got a tilt adjustable seat post!

For more useful information, provide us with a picture or description of the saddle you’re using. Some are cheesy and made for kids (or imaginary persons, in the case of P.O.S. tricycle-type unicycles), others just aren’t that great, and on some older seats like Schwinns, the foam deteriorates over time.

If it’s a Torker saddle, I know how you feel :angry: Those things are horrible! I’d recommend getting a KH saddle - they are so much better!

I have a LX saddle and it’s a killer for any kind of long riding.

I bet it’s a combination of really bad saddle and your body isn’t used to it.

The KH Fusion Freeride is the most comfortable IMO ('08 is on sale :D). To fit this, you’ll need a new seat post as well, since the attatchment is different.

Also ride w/ tight cycling shorts.

Edit: I also use Chamoix Butt’r


hey thanks for all the help, i sat down with some tools and sewing kit and some padding to do some serious saddle surgery and it seems to have worked i wont be able to really tell till the pain from yesterdays ride completly goes away but yeah its much better little rubbing issue now tho lol so il be getting some cycling shorts soon

heres the unicycle i got, look but careful you dont get too jelous
thanks again xxx

I think those to recommendations are useful for some sorts of pain, but not for the issue the original poster has. Cycling shorts reduce some rubbing but their main purpose seems to be to keep the genitals out of the way. Chamoix Butt’r also reduces rubbing and chafing.

But your remark about the combination of bad saddle and not being used to it is right on the spot, I think. The first is illustrated by the OP’s comment about modding the seat, which seemed to help. If the “serious saddle surgery” might not cure the condition completely (as surgery sometimes fails to do:)), you should realise that unless you are really an expert, it’s hard to beat the quality and comfort of a good stock saddle.

i will get a new saddle when i have the money but currently broke so will have to wait, gotta wait to get the shorts too

xxx thanks

meet up with SCUM (South Coast Unicycle Meets)and try someone else’s unicycle which should help confirm the issue, as well as get some on-the-spot advice…

I started unicycling about a week ago. I have had the same experience.
I’m sore on my inner thighs about 2 or 3 inches from my crotch.
Like a an invisible bruise. It only bothers me when I push in the area.
And that only happens when I ride.

I’m assuming I just need to toughen up. It gets more and more sore during a ride, but is slowly getting better as the days go on.

cgillblack, is it getting better for you?