can anyone wheelwalk a bc wheel?
i did it holding onto our boat earlier
… one foot on the plate, one foot on the wheel, walking it

i think people have done this and i think it is called a skim or something similar. i don’t really know because i don’t have my BC yet it will rpobably be here this week so i have only been getting into BC stuff in the last few weeks

edit: can someone that knows for a fact tell him because i’m not sure if I’m right or not

Wouldn’t the leg on the plate rub like mad?

Sounds like a job for the bc wheelguard thing that Evan made

you should learn to wheel walk with 2 feet, it would be insane:)

You know what would be insane? If people STOPED coming up and suggesting impossible bc tricks.

Yes its called a foot skim. yes the leg on the plate rubs like hell.

This has to be one of the worst threads ever. Not only did you title this SO badly (so very badly) you didn’t even research the trick.


hey whats up?

Tecnacaly it would be possible, I’ll try it tomorow and a wheel:) But I dout i’ll get far:o :slight_smile:

Well I did a 2160 degree unispin while sitting on my front porch the other day. Then I did a quintuple crankflip while standing on a ramp. Hmm… should I make a new thread for those tricks? :roll_eyes:


i don’t see how you could do that without the other leg rubbing like someone else said…and its not necesarily “impossible” to walk on top of the wheel for a short distance. But i agree the title for this thread is retarded

The wheel does rub into your leg…hard.

Yup, second-worst thread title I’ve seen in a very long time, a seasoned poster should know better!

But the trick sounds cool. I wonder what kind of mod you could do to a BC to make it better suited for one-foot stuff. Maybe something like Josue Barreto’s one-footed BC, which has a leg-holder thingie above the peg…

Coming soon to a unicycle forum near you.

Thats what Evan and I are experimenting with.
This is prototype #1, there is a lot wrong with it…

A lot more goes wrong when a certain unicaw89 trys to ride it.

Very true. Things he rides tend to break fast, especially when he doesn’t listen to warnings that if you can’t rub on a bc then you can’t slow down. He rode it down a hill and jumped off and it flipped over a bizzilion times and rolled over the fork smashing it and cracking the weld.


looks kinda funny too…Almost resembles a tiny unicycle

Your mom resembles a tiny unicycle, Oh, maybe thats why i rode her.