Hey, new trick....I think.

Aight, so I came up with this sweet new trick yesterday. At least I think it’s new. Before I actaully claim a new invention, I figured I’d get your guy’s opinion. Have you seen it before? Well, it’s actually a combo, but I’m talking about the second trick. The crank flip up to tire, I like to call a donkey punch, and I’d like to call the second part a Wank Flip. So it’d be a Donkey Punch to Wank Flip, which I find to be uproarously funny. So anyway, tell me if you’ve seen it before, and give me any naming suggestions.

Here is the link…


I’ve seen them before. I don’t know what the first one is called but the second one is called a monkey kick I think?

Edit: Cool Combo, It was real smooth.

Cool but that’s just 2 different tricks in a row. I don’t know what you’d call the first one, but I think surfer1024 is right about the second, monkey kick.

Monkey Kick?

Monkey Kick?! thats like the stupidest name ever…i propose that we call the first trick a donkey punch(yes it’s sexual innuendo) and the second one a wank flip…who cares if somebody already named it, their names suck. and their probably french.

and seriously, where have you seen them before?

Hahahaha. Definetly French. In lots of vids. Mostly French flatland ones.

A lot of French Flatland vids have them. Here’s one on video by someone.

Edit: heres some more lol - YouTube

And here’s one that someone animated. That’s how common they are…

haha that’s me!

yea, that trick in ur vid is a crankflip to tire, then a monkey flip…

The name may suck, but you still have to respect it… you cant change the name of a trick someone else invented, as much as you may want to.

but still, awesome riding dude!

Haha donkey punch! I can’t believe no one said anything. Yeah stick with donkey punch for sure.

i just laughed when i saw that.

it would be funnier if he had done it on a koxx :roll_eyes:

Oh shit, I don’t get it. Please explain.


Ha ha, that’s pretty screwed up.

In this video, Fredrik Justnes (I think) does the first trick to side wheel walk at around 5:07.


I’m kind of tired of the french and their supposed domination of the sport. they make up everything. just because you invent a trick doesn’t really mean you get to name it…

i mean look at what shaun j has come up with for some stuff…“full varial flip” wow, thats creative! monkey kick! wtf is that? donkey punch, sex change, arial, these are decent trick names. there really needs to be more original and entertaining names going into such an awesome sport. i don’t think the inventor should name it necesarilly…just whoever comes up with the best name. and another thing…there is a whole crapload of trick that i came up with off the top of my head, and that i later found out was invented by some guy in france…i don’t care, their riding isn’t really that good anyway. nothing compared to the legendary americans, canadians, or even the up and coming australians.

sorry guys, venting there…but seriously its annoying.

also, i would like to point out that most cool names for uni trick were derived from skate boards or bikes…tray(it should be tre) flip, donkey kick(from street bike trials)

we really should get on top of making the names unlamefied.

Nice unicycle!

wank is a british term for masturbation

you have tried to name both the tricks you “created”

And here is you trick at 0:20 except he does it no hops and with a side wheel walk.