Hey, new trick....I think.

This guy does it…so I dont think its a new trick…http://youtube.com/watch?v=bz76DKEDIu4

Right, it’s me.
There’s nothing new about any of the two tricks. I’ve been doing both for over a year…

it’s a 90 spin flip to monkey kick.

Yo, I haven’t read any of these posts yet, but if someone can claim it before august of 2005, then they invented it. If not I was the first to do it. It’s just flip to wheel, flip down. That’s it, stupid trick though, bad for your frame, doesn’t flow, and isn’t really street at all. However, this clip was the cleanest i’ve ever seen it done.

-Shaun Johanneson

its street just as much as anything… i wanna see it done down a 6 stair,cranflip (kick tire) to backflip.

I’m not using the edit command since I think this deserves its own post. Yunisyko I love your style of saying what’s on your mind. It’s good, it got me into trouble, but I believe we need more free thinkers in this sport, and not just people that go along with the crowd. However the inventors should get to name the trick, provided it’s a totally new concept. Not like an inward small spin, if someone flips it, they call it like the jackflip. Sorry, it has to follow routine. Even the unispin flips follow a routine, and that routine is simpling different names from their twisting counter parts (180, 360, 540, hick, trey, fifth) this works. It only gets tricky with the spins and varial concepts. To me it’s easy to see though since the bigspins and what not are tons easier than the varial counterpart. The big backflip I did took about 6 tries to land, however a fullvarial backflip (which would be spinning in a totally different direction for me anyway) would be much harder. Infact, to me, both those tricks are useless, and won’t be pursued. However in this day and age, everyone is out to be the first to do tricks, reguardless on how useless they are, rather than pushing the sport in the direction that will appeal to the viewer (nonunicyclist) and therefore grow to a larger market. (Hmm, I remember I thread I put up about “serious unicyclist” and everyone told me to chill. I just want to say, look what i’ve done outside of the unicyclist.com world. It’s possible to make money off of this guys, it’s possible to do anything with this sport. WE HAVE A HUGE UNTAPPED MARKET! TAP IT!!!)

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Skrobo, what are you talking about. It’s street as much as anything. That comment doesn’t make sense to me. It’s got some freestyle in it, but no trials, and no muni. So please narrow. Street is suppose to flow with motion of the body in the 3D plan. Meaning, noticeable change in position over change in time. Not a flow with the body, but no space movement.

yea definitely not new, ive done both(after ive seen it done by others). in the french movie- frogs, im prty sure that arthur caron (was it him?) does this exact move xept with 270s instead of 90s. idk wat u have against the french… i mean that was prty swt. and about this being street or not… theres an excellent category to put this in: flatland.

I’m with you. This trick can be easily adapted to obtsacles.

You think we need more free thinkers, but you’re the one that keeps trying to inhibit unicycling with rules and definitions.

Who cares about making money off unicycling, that’s not what it’s about.

I’ve gotta say, I’m with Shaun.

Theres nothing wrong with making money from unicycling. Theres nothing wrong with not making money from unicycling. But if you can do something you love all day and some how earn money? I don’t see anything wrong with that AT ALL.

Agreed, shaun…for a sport thats so new and different there are a lot of followers already. I been riding for a long time, and i’ve seen it grow from a few select good riders, to a crapload of talented people, each trying to be the best. which is good, it pushes us.

also, there are a lot of stupid tricks that are worthless…like doing a unispin in the opposite of your normal direction…because nobody can tell but you.

so, anyway, i hadn’t seen the tricks before, and was rather annoyed to find that somebody already did them…back to the drawing board is suppose.

thanks for that though, i’ll take praise where i can get it…

So lets not do really tech tricks that push are skill, but ones that appeal to the viewer? Yeah… I agree with what Luke said. It’s not about the money or making it appeal to the non-unicyclist for me at least. I uni because I enjoy it, simple as that.

Also if a trick doesn’t look good to anybody, but you or another unicyclist it’s worthless? We should start conforming to many other sports and just do what “looks good” to the general public? Do you guys want to make it a spectator sport now? Wanna know a way to make a lot of people watch, dress like a clown…

I agree with you on the lame names, but i disagree with the fact that the inventor of a new trick shouldn’t be able to name it.

It just so happens that the french riders are inventors of most tricks. You can’t say that french riders arn’t good. Just look at Collos. He alone represents french riders and what they are capable of. Riders in General just want to be the first to land a trick, and get a chance to name it, and mark a spot in Unicycling History.

I even admit that i have a sweet trick im working on. I’d like to land it and name it. Its a decent trick. I’d rather have someone else land it and name it, than for me to invent a stupid trick and name it a pedal spin.

Has anyone done this before? :thinking:
Its not very hard to do, but it looks pretty cool :smiley:

Ok ok ok… All this is well and good, but I think there is something people are forgetting. Maybe not everyone is forgetting this. But what good is sponsoring anyone in unicycling? This is a small sport right now, there really isn’t anything for it. Except for the riders who are trying to make it appealing to the nonviewer. To what? Increase the amount of riders nationwide. Then? Tell them about the sponsor so the new rider does what? Buys from that sponsor, therefore creating profit for the sponsor, and making the sponsorship worth it. I don’t know if i’ve increased sales for Darren, however anyone that asks online, or localling I tell them about Bedfordunicycles.ca and everything. Now another thing about sponsoring is by sponsoring a rider it shows all other riders it’s possible and pushes all the riders to do better. However doesn’t really create any new riders as much as being more in the public eye for the public eye. It’s the way i’ve choosen to go, and trust me, it’s way better than all this drama about who did what first in the unicycling world. Or what people know what tricks, or who pissed who off for saying what, or who did what down how big of set. How about I had the best time of my life in california all because of unicycling. I can’t wait for germany, but how good someone is won’t affect how much fun they have. Just have a good time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun, thats one of the best things I’ve seen you post. Awesome man. I really like your new outlook on things.

I’m with this guy

This what you call a very motivated person who’s concerned with making money and marketing himself to make the sport grow. Not a bad thing, just very different from what I and many others take unicycling as…self expression. Think about it, do we really want our sport turning into the next skateboarding scene, where punk kids just do it to fit in and look cool. It’s shouldn’t be about that, if anyone is going to join up in the sport, let it be the people who are truly interested.

you’re my hero shaun.

That brings me to my idea. I think instead of blind there should be left side and right side 180s, 360, 540 unispin and hoptwist. Like how in skating the backside and front side.

Seems much more logical because people have different spinning preferences and no one knows if it’s blind or not. But whatever.

also at 2:42 this guy does the first trick.
Tehe. Lol.