Hey all of you fellow Trials/Street riders, what are some shoe recommendations?

Hey gang,

How I maintain grip with my current circa skate shoes is a mystery. They are getting so flat on the bottoms it’s ridiculous!

I usually like the 50-70 USD price range, as I don’t feel it necessary to spend a bunch of money on shoes that are just going to get beat up, and take lots of abuse.

So, if anyone could offer me some advice of shoes (skate/bmx) that have a good, durable pedal-compatible sole I would be most appreciative. I’ve tried a handful of different brands and models since around 2000, like DC, Circa, Globe, DVS, eS, Vans and have gone through Vans stores, PacSun, CCS, and DansComp if that helps anyone out.

thanks and peace,

I honestly don’t try and use skate shoes. The pair I do have are some 10 dollar pair from walmart which do the job fine, but just feel to loose around my ankle. For me, most skate shoes are like this, even when I lace them as tight as I can, they still end up becoming loose and flimsy. And because of the big mushy material they are mostly made of, I have had my pedal pinds rip chunks of my shoes right off, which sucks.

The shoes I found to have the best grip and feel for unicycling have been hiking shoes, and regular tennis/walking shoes.

I have 2 pairs of Etnies…I just got one a few days ago so only ridden then lightly so far…But my other pair which I still ware are great! Tons of grip but not too grippy and kinda flexxy…THey are awesome! Ive got a pair of vans aswell they are so what…They arent bad for Trials but I heard youve tried Vans already…So I would try Etnies…Maybe for West49 or something…Acually Winners maybe would have some for cheap…Unless there are no Winners in the US?

i love my lotek’s … (guess they’re more expensive)

Nikes work fine, you cn try taking a pedal into a stoor to check that the pins don’t clash with the grip.

tennis shoes have the most grip, but i don’t like them very much, i like my vans. they have the perfect amount of grip, unless they get muddy

Here are what i use - i have had them a while now and they are holding up VERY well;)

I got a pair of Hush Puppies for £50 a few months ago. Best unicycling shoes I’ve ever had. Great grip with plastic pedals, haven’t tried them with metal, because it’ll probably rip the sole. They’ve got this really cool rubbery sole, it’s quite soft and very grippy.

I thought they were expensive when I bought them, but they’re worth every penny! Extremely comfortable and have protection for the toes, which saved me a bunch of times.

Use these. Their definatley the best shoe I’ve had in a loooong time. Plus I’ve managed to keep mine going for nearly 6 months.

P.S., Their not as dark in real life


I have a $9.00 velcro shoe that does the job nicely

Even if it only lasts a month, who cares? It was $9.00!

Haha, oh yeah? You been hittin those 6’s and 9’s in those? What about those rails and ledges? Hicks and fifths? You been doing those in your $9 velcroe shoes?

i got these $15 skate shoes made by NSS. they work pretty good (except they die easily if u use them for everyday use all day)

I say give Adio shoes a try. I have had many many pairs and I love them.

i use orchid shoes… those are good (theyre meant for bmx)

These shoe are made for unicycles…

These shoe are made for unicycles,
and thats just what there gonna do,
and when these shoes are done
they’re gonna walk all over you…

Sound like a song I heard once upon-a time.

Oh, yeah the velcro is great in preventing shoe laceses from causing UPD’s

Not too shabby for 9 bucks and 10km per day commutes.

Adio and Circa are two I have found to be the best. Fallin is pretty nice as well and share alot of similar desings as Circa.

haha, that’s awesome! dunbar is my last name. no joke!

thanks for the help guys!

i’ll check out orchid, adio, and the vans dunbar’s.


did you go to high school around the ferndale/royal oak/bearkly area cause your name seems super familiar to me

sabin arditty and ryan atkins both wear Five Ten Impact shoes. from what I hear, they are pretty good shoes.