Help!! I need a totally original unicycle trick that looks hard, but is actually pretty easy. Post ideas ASAP!!! It is urgent!

Guruni wonders if a totally unoriginal unicycle trick would be acceptable?


wolf! wolf!



um… what is a sejflip?

If you want to do a totally original trick you will need to think of it on your own.

What do you need an original trick for anyway?


I don’t know either but you could easily find out about it by searching

The only obvious reasons to need a “trick” that looks hard but is easy to do are:

  • For a public performance.
  • To impress someone you want to have sex with. [/LIST]

    To deal with the second one first: they will just think you are a nerd.

    For public performance you don’t need the trick to look difficult, or to be difficult. Never try to impress an audience; entertain them.

  • Kick-up mount. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s original. And it satisfies the requirement of being easy and looking hard.

    Next time, please put your main message in the thread title.

    Not so easy on a 36er! :sunglasses:


    Not easy on a 36er! :sunglasses:





    I think it’s a 720 unispin with a crankflip…

    Please read the rest of the thread besides its title.

    Kick-ups are not original.

    Regarding the second option, is that the voice of experience? :roll_eyes:

    We were all young once.

    jumping over someone.

    your own variation of a suicide mount… you’ll get kudos if it works and a lot of laughs if it goes wrong!

    Not easy to do, and not easy on the wheel, either! I’d recommend a wide hub…

    Speaking of reading, did you want me to bring that book on Relearning to See?

    Neither is anything that’s likely to be mentioned in this thread. And even if we think it is, how would we know it’s completely original? Maybe he just wants something that’s original to him. His entire post smacks of being a relatively new rider who hasn’t seen a whole lot. And he wanted it to be easy. By the time somebody suggests something that’s easy, it stops being original anyway. So what’s original?

    Not easy to do a kick-up in one-piece pajamas either! :smiley:

    i think it´s called seventhfilp

    but i wondered that the hopping on wheel with the seat behind you is very easy