Help with Mad4One muni cranks

Why are they so expensive?

Yes, I once got trapped in a very impossible combination to.
But still I think most of those cases are mainly caused by cranks shape and bearing-housing shape that don’t fit well.

Neither was I, and I think we’re both right. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

I still wonder why that distance is not fixed, maybe to make keep it possible to have compatible chaindrives on bicycles with different BB and rear-hub widths?

Beause they’re CNC’ed, out of a 7075 T6 class alloy named ERGAL, in Italy.
And the newer products are strong anodized in surprising beautiful colors.
So in stead of “expensive”, maybe “costly” is a better word.

Pretty much art work that you get to put on your unicycle.

When you get to hold and look at the products in person you get blown away by the quality that they have. They arent made in the thousands all at once at a factory. They are machined out one by one in a small work shop in Italy by the hands of skilled machinist. You get what you pay for…

Thanks a lot, now I feel like I MUST HAVE A SET!! (Not like I haven’t been spending enough money on unicycle stuff already lately…)

Are they noticeably lighter than spirits? How would they compare against spirits for flat

They are about the same weight. You can get madapters for them as well, if you dig rollos. They feature a wider platform for standing on cranks, which seems to be pretty desirable. And they are zero-Q if that is your thing.

But more importantly, UDC has a set of QU-AX cranks that are more than 30% lighter than spirits/m41. You could buy 25 pairs of those instead of the mads. :wink:

If you are talking about these, do you think they are strong enough? I guess flat isn’t too hard on the cranks generally. Do you know what kind of platform they have compared to Mad4ones and spirits?

Do you know of anyone using Spirits for flat? I know a lot of folks use moments…

So far I’ve seen black and… black.

I was joking. I said you could buy 25 of those instead of mads because they would probably break quite frequently. I think the deal with those is more for a track uni to have the lightest cranks possible. Racing standard is ~24" with 125mm cranks, so ghose would be great for one of those.

On the topic of spirits for flat, yes people do, especially KH team riders :wink:
With rollos, they offer acceptable rolls, but many prefer moments because there is much more platform. Q-factor is a big matter of preference, but it seems top flat riders are sticking to mads

I guess it’s not proto-type anymore; have a look in Sweden.

And this is mine:

or in france : crank or hub

cross lassing :astonished: :wink:

Yes, as the last time I tried radial (for fun, to test, for experience) was in 1994.

Nice! I have the purple hub and 135mm cranks in the mail that I plan to use with a short neck Triton. :slight_smile: looks goooood!

Youre joining the 6 pin mad4one family!?

Get ready for a completely new unicycle experience :smiley:

Is it really that different of an experience?

For some reason I hope not.

I think the ergal hub matched up with the m41 cranks feel 100% different from a chromo hub with m41 cranks. To me the m41 cranks almost feel to stiff with a chromo hub. With the ergal hub the unicycle feels a lot better and “quicker”. I know its personal preference but to me I think the ergal hubs are wicked nice, they make the unicycle feel a lot more naturaul to me and my riding style.

I mean you no offense at all, but find that incredibly hard to believe.

With you there. I don’t see how two hubs would “feel” different.

You would be surprised how much of a difference material will make. For example: a carbon seat base vs plastic or the flex in different frames.