help trying to assemble kris holm t-bar!!

is the t-bar suppose to be able to move up and so there is no set angle?
i cant get the slotted tube to stay firm between the 2 “angle” wall side thingies so my tbar moves freely up and down.

been at it for liek 3 hours…ehhhehlp

Take pics and post them; I had no problem putting together my KH handles. From your “description”, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Have you tried loosening the bolts on the two angle brackets before clamping them on the slotted tube’s flange to make sure they aren’t being held apart too far?

The slotted tube is held at the correct angle by friction so the bolts still have to be pretty tight. I would have preferred stronger bolts to be used or perhaps a different clamping design. Still it shouldn’t be that easy to shift the tube up and down.

I have had this problem with three T-bars. It is a known issue, which is easily fixed:

T-bar_Known_Issue.pdf (746 KB)

Hey All,

Thanks for jumping in with the suggestions! Klaus’ posted pdf describes the issue well. This is now fixed on all current T-bars. Once fixed it is secure- I regularly pull up hard on mine (particularly on a Guni) when climbing and pulling over bumps, without any movement.


Early in the design process for this fitting, I considered an approach that would have put the bar in fixed angle positions. My preference, however, was a friction setup, in terms of resistance to breakage. The setup allows the bar to be positioned securely enough to avoid movement when riding, but it can still move out of position instead of breaking if it is hit hard enough, such as when a 36er hits the ground hard during a fall.

The same is true for installation of brake levers.


fixed solved and happy =]

Thanks everyone for your help!
Kris was able to help me very quickly and efficiently.

I solved the issue by replace the slotted insert piece for a shorter non slotted piece and it works more than swell.

Just went on a 3 mile ride and I LOVE IT = ]

I highly reccomend the Kris Holm T-bar. I have not used the PiBar or the T7 but I reccomend it anyways despite my bias.

Im not use to riding comfortably with a handle yet but I feel I will enjoy it very much!

ps - now i just need to get use to the magura brakes from Brycer (which i also reccomend) for they are so strong!! need to develop that feather light touch heheh.


Ride on Folks.

happy =]

nimbus 29.
kh freeride
kh t-bar
magura brakes (brycer)
kh dual hole cranks
kryptonite lock

I just got a t-bar from UDC and I’m having this problem. I don’t have a drill press to fix it. Furthermore, the bolts have already started to strip so that I can’t tighten them more and will have a hard time loosening them.

Do I need a new Angle A and 2 new M6x10?

Ok, I emailed Kris earlier today and got a reply back from him. I basically just replaced the slotted tube and bolt with a simple nut and bolt. Here’s the outcome. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to for riding!