Help starting club.

A couple of my friends and myself are going to start a club at our school for unicycling, the only problem being that, in total, we only have three unicycles. Of course this is fine for us, but since there will hopefully be a fair amount of people, we will need a lot more unicycles and training seats for the other students to practice on.

 If anyone knows of someone or some place that might have some old unicycles/seats for cheap(maybe even free) than that would be greatly appreciated.


Wanna give us a hint, like what country you’re in?

If there are local riders, you could find some donations. The nice thing about “club” unicycles is they don’t have to be anything special, or even especially comfortable. They’re a great place for peoples’ old “beater” unicycles to go once the owner no longer needs them.

Don’t have more than a couple club unicycles and don’t make them too good. If you furnish nice unicycles, people will not buy their own. People are more likely to make a sincere effort if they buy their own unicycles. That way they can practice at times other than club time and have a bit of pride in their investment to the sport.

People who ride a club unicycle and only practice once a week at club time usually don’t learn to ride very well if at all.

Well, I’m in Madison, Alabama so if you know of any clubs near here, then that would be great. I just thought that most people might not want to contribute $100 right off the bat to buy a unicycle. Thanks.

Having a couple club unicycles for people to try is a good thing but after they have tried a time or two, encourage them to buy their own unicycle. Don’t try to furnish unicycles for everyone.

It looks like Madison is about midway between Memphis and Atlanta. Both cities have unicycle clubs. If you ever visit, contact the club and plan for a ride. You can contact the Memphis club at

Good luck with your club. It can be a lot of fun.

I too have tried to start a club at my school. I got the forms, talked to teachers, and we here at Chatfield High School have a fairly good unicycling base. But, after many months of waiting, nothing has been done with the club. I’ve even talked about it to the administrators who I filed the paperwork with, and they just gave me vague answers. Argh!

I put alot of time and effort into it, and its not like its just me starting a club by myself. There’s at least 15 unicyclists at the school that I know personally, and plenty more who have expressed interest in a club. I mean, there’s an orienteering club with exactly two people in it at the school. Its really frustrating just to see it fizzle like this…

(sorry for the thread-jack, I needed to vent some anger…)

Get the contact info of everyone interested and figure out a couple of times most of them can meet.

For your meetings you should meet at the same time and place every week, even if it’s just you. IMO you should meet somewhere near or on campus during lunch or right after school’s out for the day. For other stuff, like Muni, road, trials, etc. rides at sertain locations, notify a week in advance at the previous week’s ride and by group e-mail.

Well, that sucks about your club poofengle, hopefully that won’t happen to me. I already have a teacher that says she would be the “leader.” It won’t be able to start unitl next school semester, so hopefully we’ll get everything set up by then.

I don’t think we’ll be doing that much other than street riding. My friend actually got me hooked on unicycling, so I’ve only been riding for about two weeks, but I ride everyday to school with him. I was going to use the summer to get better then when school rolls around, we will be able to teach and demonstrate and I won’t make a fool of myself.

Anyways, thanks for the ideas everyone. If you have any more, let me know.

Also, is Schwinn a good seat to buy, because the one that came with my Sun 24 inch is absolutely horrible on the butt area?

From my experience, Schwinn seats are NOT good seats. The bumpers keep falling off because the screws will not stay in. As for comfort, they are okay for learning but when you start doing longer rides they are not real comfortable.

What would be a good seat then? I’ve been riding for about two weeks and I have been practicing everyday practically so I’m starting to get pretty sore. I ride to school everyday now so I need to get one soon. My friend has a Schwinn seat and it’s pretty comfortable. I just need a better, more comfortable seat because I’ll be riding about everyday from now on but I don’t have a lot of money to buy one that is expensive.

I’m going to push my teachers to get the uni club on the schedule for next year, because they obviously won’t start one this year :angry: . If they still disregard my thoughts on a club, then I’ll rally a bring-your-unicycle-to-school day. Perhaps they’ll listen then…

On the matter of seats-
I’ve got a nimbus seat and I like it alot. It’s thin and light like a kris holm seat, but they’re cheaper cuz they don’t have the name brand on them. They’re easy to do tricks with and they’re pretty comfortable to ride on too. They’re here if you want to look at them.

One thing you’ll definitely want is a handle, and pricewise, nimbus seats are some of the cheapest that come with handles on them. I don’t really like Onza or Torker seat because they don’t feel very comfortable, but that’s just my opinion.

Here is the UDC page for saddles if you want to look at some others.

Good luck with your club :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support.

Did you go with the Nimbus Gel Saddle or the Nimbus Hi-Top Saddle? I would guess gel, because that world just gives off the feeling of comfortable, but I’ll go with what you think.

About how long would the shipping be from the store be?

I got my uni in less than five days and I’m in Canada, so it shouldn’t take very long for you. is in the Atlanta, GA area. You should get real quick shipping.

The Nimbus gel, KH street and Koxx saddles are all pretty similar. Nimbus costs the least, Koxx look cooler, KH has a removeable cover w/ replacements available.

Those seats are good for freestyle and some find them comfortable for other types of riding, but I go numb w/in 45 min on the Nimbus. The most comfortable, realatively inexpensive seat IMO is the KH Fusion Freeride.

Depends on where you live. I takes me about a week, so if your in the US, then I’d say that or less.

Ok, I’m a beginner so I don’t know all of these things. (Been riding for about two weeks) I just bought a 24 inch Sun. I know it’s not fancy but it’s a great beginner uni.

Is the KH Fusion Freeride seat compatible with a Sun saddle post? On a Sun it has four screws that go onto the bottom of the seat to hold it it. Or would I have to buy another post along with the seat?

If so, could you give me a link to the correct one that I would use?

Thanks for the help.