help selecting new cranks for 24" uni.

Hey all, new member here.

I have a 24" ebay unicycle.

It came to me with the crank arms on the wrong sides… so I kept unscrewing the pedals… then after tightening them over and over like 5 times, I managed to strip the threads on the right side crank arm…

So, I realized the issue but it was 2 late…

I grabbed an old set of sugino 170mm road cranks and bolted them up and they work fine, but they look funny with the spider on one side with a missing chainring… lol

My question is what is a good length for cranks for a 24" uni ?

I want to learn some tricks and other things that I’ve seen so I wanted some suggestions before I order something.

I can go from 140 mm all the way to 175 mm .

??? Which one to go with ?

picture/ brand?

that would be helpful

The brand is " Gravity " … I know that some other people on this site started on this brand.

Its got a steel rim and had some crappy cast cranks…

Anyway, the point is that I need to select cranks with proper length for learning to do tricks and such on a 24" wheel.


For “just learning” get 150s. For freestyle you might want shorter, and for muni you might want longer.

If you’re not going to do MUni, you want short to medium-length cranks. I prefer 125mm, which make for a fairly smooth and quick ride. Some tricks will be easier to learn on slightly longer cranks; 140mm might be a good size. I’d be pretty reluctant to go longer than that on a 24", unless it was for MUni.

Thanks !

The stock cranks are in the 150mm range…

I suppose those would be good enough for learning basic tricks.

I already know how to ride (leared on saturday), but now I wanted to get started on some tricks !


If you know how ho ride, go for 125 or 140mm cranks…
I just hate long cranks when it’s not needed :wink:
and the cotterless looks so skinny! :wink:

Thanks for all the info!!

I’m ordering a set of 140mm Cranks !

I looked everywhere for uni cranks and I could not find them, so I ordered some BMX cranks with 5 tooth spider, I will use my angle grinder to remove them easily. =)

I know… its stupid, but for $ 20 new … =)

you should ahve gone to or has Sugino cranks. You can get left and right crank arms made for tandems. No spider to have to remove. Good prices and many sizes.

Thanks for the good links… but its a little late for me !

Anyway, the cranks I ordered are the doteks… they are 140 mm. sells them customized @ different lengths for $ 67.

So, after 15 minutes with my grinder, I’ll have the same thing. lol

Correction… I got a set of 140mm Bulletproof BMX cranks. I paid $ 21 for them NEW on ebay.

I will modify them and install them on my ebay uni this weekend ! =)

I have a Gravity 24" uni with a standard seat…

Here you go:

140 should be a good size for tricks on a 24". 125 would be too short for lots of types of things; that’s a good size for 20". Plus, 140 is short enough for reasonable cruising speed on the 24".