help please

well yesterday i landed 360 unispin for 6 or 7 times. today i was trying all day but nothing. what i supose to do? please help me :smiley:

keep practising, practise makes perfect :slight_smile:

Everybody has good days and bad. If you not landing the 3 spin try a different trick and come back to it later. Just don’t let yourself get frustrated.

What kind of help were you looking for with your poorly-titled thread? A pat on the back would seem in order. I have landed zero 360s in 30 years. Not that I couldn’t learn it if I wanted, I just realized early on that audiences couldn’t tell the difference so why beat up my shins for nothing? :slight_smile:

I hope people don’t think less of me now that they know that…

I have also experienced nailing a trick and then being unable to do it afterward. Best example that comes to mind is the second freemount to the 6’ giraffe. After landing one, you expect the next one to happen while you’re making people watch. And it doesn’t, and they get annoyed and leave. You tend to foget how many tries it took to get that first one. But rest assured, your body will remember. Give it some more time and you’ll be doing it at will.

well thanks guys. today i landed it for 5 times.

johnfuss seems a little too critical in many threads iv’e been looking through. Maybe he needs to cool down a bit…

John Fuss! Ha ha, I get it! :slight_smile:

Seriously… I only clicked on this thread assuming it was a cry for help from a muni rider pinned beneath a boulder. After days of failed attempts in communication, his last resort was to post this thread.

Either way, my response is the same:
“That sucks. I hope you get out of your funk soon.”

…Or that he got his fingers caught under the ‘Shift’ keys on his keyboard.