Help needed with T7 handle adjustments

I got a new T7 handle for my 36" and i cant seem to figure out what angle to put it at. If it is back i feel like i am about to fall off and if it is forward i cant seem to put any weight on the bars. where do you guys feel is most comfortable for long rides.

I like mine parallel with the ground.

Sounds like you need to ride with it more. Things like 36-er handles take a while to get used to, so give them plenty of miles in any given position to even start to form an opinion.

I find it works best when the back part of the handle is roughly perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the seatpost. I would suggest starting from there and adjusting it a few degrees at a time.


The T7 isn’t exactly “adjustable”, as it’s a one-piece unit with no moving parts. Are you referring to the rail part that adjusts the forward/back, up/down of the saddle?

Yeah it appears most handles have their flaws, and this is the T7’s.

It seems clear to me that this is what is meant.

Oh, I’m sure it is, and to me as well. I wasn’t asking for clarification because I didn’t know, lol! I was trying to clarify what he was asking, because the T7 and the saddle adjustment are one and the same, but his post sort of implied that the T7 could be separately adjusted, which it can’t.

So I just wanted to point out to those who may not be familiar with the “T7”, that it is a ONE piece bar, and not adjustable, independant of the saddle. :slight_smile:

Sorry about not being to clear when i posted i was in a hurry and had to go somewhere. I was actually referring to the seat post rail adjustments. So it would be better to start level and then test out different adjustments? I am planning on doing a 20 mile ride today and want to make sure the seats adjusted right. Thanks for the help.

What I would do is take the essential tools with you so you can make adjustments. Ride for a while to see how you like it, then maybe stop and change it a little until you find what you like.

For me, I prefer the saddle tiltied up a little so that the back part of the seat is more level, and I’m not sliding towards the middle too much. Also, the seatpost it centered on the rails-not too far forward or back, but right in the middle.

But it’s all personal preference. I use a KH fusion freeride, while others use a modified airseat, or whatever. But maybe start at a neutral saddle position, and adjust from there if necessary.:slight_smile:

Yeah good i idea Terry i didn’t think to do that. I also use the Kris Holm Fusion Freeride and love it.