Helmets: Do you wear one? Why? When?

Ok I sometimes ride my unicycle with or without a helmet,
I personaly do not like helmet for they are big, bulky, and
quite uncomfortable. But I must admit it has saved a few
minor and major injuries in the past. When I’m in public I
won’t wear one I’ll just wear my hat, but if I’m not in public
and no one is around I’ll wear one, but it depends wear I am,
so just in case I will bring one. So what do you think of this
industrial protective peice of gear? Do you wear one? Why? When?

I wear one whenever I unicycle. Because if my mom found out, I would have no unicycle. She controls me from a differnt house. Thats realy quite creepy.


I always wear one after an instance practicing from flat stuff which I thought I wouldn’t get hurt. I had my helmet on because it was new and I wanted to wear it, I go to leg wrap and I slip backwards and smacked my head agaisnt the ground. Luckly I had my helmet on but other then that it gives me a lot of confidence when I’l doing trials, so I wear it 99% of the time I’m on the unicycle.

I almost always wear one - but it has never saved me from any injury. My wrist / palm protectors have saved me many times and my leg/knee armor has also saved me (metal pinned pedals bite hard). So, while my helmet is less important (from the point of view that it has never prevented an injury) it protects the most important part of me. There is an old saying that applies to any protective gear, “I would rather wear it and not need it rather than to need it while not wearing it”.

The only time I don’t wear my helmet is when I am 99% sure I am not going to fall on my head

I only wear a helmet when I ride muni. Muni is pretty dangerous. I only wear a helmet for trials when im riding a demo or a competition and I have to due to insurance etc.


Any time I’m doing something other than basic riding, hopping, and idling I wear it. Its too easy to do major damage to your head WITH a helmet on, that not wearing one just seems silly.

I wear a helmet any time I’m “on a ride,” which means that I’m out in my kit on the road or trail for the sole purpose of putting away some miles. If I’m just going to work (or another similar 3-5 minute destination) in my street clothes or something, then I usually won’t put the helmet on, but sadly, that doesn’t keep me from trying to ride fast. I’m probably a bigger danger to myself just riding between close places than when I’m out on a ride, because I don’t take the necessary safety precautions.

I usually never wear a helmet but I think I am getting more cautious with age. Just last week I started wearing one. we’ll see how long it lasts.
ps… don’t tell my mom!

I dont wear a helmet when I’m practicing tricks on flat up to a 3 set.
when I do trials, grind a handrail, do some big set etc. I wear one. I always wear shinpads unless practicing flatland, freestyle, or consistency on the easier flip tricks.


I wear one unless I’m 100% positive I won’t hit my head, which is never.

In other words, I always wear a helmet.

I would hate to put my family in the position of having to care for a brain-damaged dad, or having to pull the plug on a brain-dead dad. A helmet is so simple to put on, and can save you from horrible injuries. There’s no excuse not to wear one ABSOLUTELY all the time you ride.

i wear a helmet when i MUni because i fall on my head a lot and when i coker, even though i haven’t crashed or UPD’ed yet, because at fast speeds it wouldn’t feel good to fall.

I wear a helmet most of the time with spiky hair I don’t were it

10% helmet - 90% no helmet don´t know why :roll_eyes:
i think in future i will wear one allways. :wink:

good plan
:thinking: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

I never wear one, but I might start to because a couple of days ago I was attempting a unispin off of a curb and ended up falling pretty hard with my head just barely missing the curb.

What color helmet are you wearing right now?

I wear a helmet for trials, MUni, GUni, and bicycling. I don’t wear a helmet for Coker riding.

I wear one for learning new tricks, but when I get consistent I don’t wear one…

However, when doing backwards riding down stairs/steps I always wear one… theres nothing to stop you smacking your head when you fall backwards.