Helmet Style - Mountain or Downhill/BMX

So now I’m buying a helmet and I went into a cycling store to check some out, didn’t buy anything, but did get a good look. Now I’m asking, what type of helmet is best to buy. I’m looking for the pros and cons of Mountain Helmets and Downhill/BMX helmets.
I’ve only been riding about 4 months and I’m not capable of anything spectacular yet. I don’t plan on doing any mountain or forest riding anytime soon, but the guy at the cycling store tells me that BMX helmets (seen here ) are good because they have a lot of padding in the back of the head where skaters often hit their head, but that a mountain helmet (seen here ) is just a good and it keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Any advice before I make this purchase?

If you are going to be riding long distance I would recommend a regular bicycle helmet. I myself made the mistake of buying a bmx helmet and they get a lot hotter than a normal helmet. The bicycle helmets have a lot more breathing holes. They both offer basically the same protection, but the bmx helmets have a little more protection in the back. If you are just going to be doing street/trials then go with the bmx helmet, but if you are going to be doing Muni trips or long distance rides get a regular bicycle helmet.

MTB helmets will be cooler because of the added vents. But they can only take one hit. That means that if you drop the helmet, you should replace it. Also, they are not as good for hits to the back of the head.

BMX/skate helmets can take repeated impacts, but don’t vent as well. They are also better for you if you hit the back of your head.

Right now, I ride with a bike helmet, but I’m thinking about switching.



you should see my helmit.Its complety foam,and cost like $1.00.I hate it.

So I’m planning on getting into street/trials riding and you guys think, since that’s the case, I should get a BMX/skate helmet?

If you plan to be jumping lots of gaps, or messing around edges of things that are several feet high, use a BMX helmet. For general riding, like trails or just covering distance, a “regular” bike helmet is fine.

If I ever get more seriously into Trials riding, I’ll get myself a BMX helmet. Then I will really sweat.

bike helmet for Muni, because I get hotter then, Skate helmet for trials. that’s what I do.

Re: Helmet Style - Mountain or Downhill/BMX

Cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter eh?

Fraid not. It will keep you cooler though.

I ride with a skate type helmet b/c they’re cheap and can take multiple hits. If you’re careful you can find a skate helmet with both CPSC (bicycle) and ASTM (skating) standards. This means it can take multiple hits (skating) and is certified for the more severe impacts (bicycling) and you’re set. Only the MTB helmet will cool better.

Regular bike helmet is my main wear as I find it more comfortable (as well as protecting my head I do genuinely find that it’s good for keeping my head warm in the cold, and, in hot weather, makes a good sun hat).

BMX helmets I find lack ventilation and get hot. They do have the advantage of being multiple impact and, if you accidently drop/roughly treat them, you won’t have to worry that you’ve compromised it like you would a bike helmet.

Then again, I do wonder if the fact that bike helmets are designed to crumple on impact makes them better if it ever does come to a really nasty impact (can anyone confirm this?).

Other option is to get one of each- cheap helmets (as long as they are to minimum legal requirements) are as effective as expensive ones (you tend to pay extra for the name/styling rather than any actual safety benefits), so you could do what I did and buy a cheap bike helmet and a cheap BMX then try them out or maybe use them for different types of riding.