heel clicker

Here’s a trick i thought up yesterday when out on a ride and was practicing no footers down 3 sets.

Instead of doing a regular no footer you bring your feet round the frount and click you feet or heels together before bringing them back onto the pedels to land.

I found when trying it that when your lean forward to move your feet round, the pedels move off axis so there not where you left them when you bring your feet back which makes it hard to land. I managed to land a few skectchy ones afrer a bit of practice but nothing soldi yet, but i also though that it would be the natural progession to combine this with a crank flip to creatre a heel clicker crank flip.

And if anybodys is woundering i got the insperation from the freestlye motor cross guys who do this trick.

sounds like a BMX trick i’ve heard of.

i think it is most commonly a motor cross trick.

Yeah its called a knack-knack, don’t know if thats how you spell it

Watch that landing, you wouldn’t want to hurt your knack-knacks! :smiley:

Wow.Sounds like it could be a pretty cool trick.


not even a little bit. knack-knack is when you leave one foot on a ped and toss the other around all crazy like. heel-clicked is with both hands on the bars you bring both feet together above the bars and, surprise, hit them together.

I´ve thought about that trick for some time, but I didn´t tell anyone cuz I wanted to be the first one to do it. But since I suck on no footers I havn´t tried to do one yet.

So now when someone else also thought it up. Hope you stick one soon and please film it so the rest of the world can see one.

so has anybody had a go at pulling one of these yet

So you didnt land any?