Hate Internet Videos video.

The filmed part of last night’s riding.

That’s better than half the vids on here.

I love you.
Except you used the '05 so it was easier:D

Haha the kid on the bike near the beginning watches the unispins for a few seconds, then just rides away seemingly unimpressed. :roll_eyes:

thank you shaun, thank you…

you know, when you wear your hat off to the side like that it kinda makes me feel funny, like when we used to climb the poll in gym class…

you light my fire every time i see you land a triple crankflip… you look like Daniel Craig on a unicycle

sorry, god dammit i am bored at work…

Those were triples. :stuck_out_tongue:

triple… thats what i said… triple…right …i swear…

Yeah, you definitely didn’t edit your post to make me look like an idiot. You wouldn’t do that, would you Phil?

Awesome consistency Shaun. Now just nail that frontflip, haha.

The sport of unicycling needs internet videos to guide it. I would of quit unicycling a long time ago without them because I would still be riding around in circles. Other sports don’t need them, because sports like bmx have tons of riders that can teach others. We on the other hand don’t have other riders for miles and miles away. Therefore, we have to progress on our own and thats difficult with something to guide us.

Nice riding though, music sucked(What are you black?)

who me? :sunglasses: no way… you know we cool sucka

or quads, come on shaun … do a quad

Wow, so are you suggesting black people aren’t allowed to listen to music by white people then? You really should have thought about posting that before you did. Anyone should be able to enjoy whatever music they want, regardless of skin color.

Lets not turn this thread into that discussion though, just watch what you type before you post it.


shaun unicycling isnt at the point yet where you can just “decide” to not make videos, youre also setting examples for a lot of younger unicyclists out there right now.

Plus, how does your sponsorship work with kris if youre not making videos? because if youre not going to make vids, then pass the torch down to some of the excellent unicyclists here on this forum. Im sure they will gladly make an internet video or 2 to be sponsored by mr.holm

Pretty sick triples. Nice to see the large spin in there cough cough mammoth spin cough cough

Did you enjoy that song? And I don’t take back what I said, I actually plus 1 my previous post.

crank that soulja boy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice consistency.
The music sucked

I thought it fit well enough with his video but no, its not something I’d normally listen to. That however doesn’t mean that one has to be black to like that genre of music or be white to enjoy music typically performed by white artists.

This is all I’m going to add to that debate though, there’s no use in trying to argue with people who have your mindset, reason won’t change a thing.

Thanks emile, for writing everything I just said.

Good consistancy, man. That’s hard to do.

lol i hope you guys are makin a vid!

Nice vid:D , too bad its the last one you get to see for free:p .