has anyone EVER had a head injury

has anyone ever had a head injury from a unicycle or unicycle related? i am supposed to wear a healmet and i have never ever hit my head


have any of u?

i had one learning ww and i fall backwards hiting my back and my head… that was not a hard fall but hitted…

you never know when you will fall with the head… only jah knows.

You know I havent, but there are some who have, search around, youll find the pictures too.

I haven’t had any head injuries from unicycling, but I would have If I didn’t wear a helmet. Muni is almost synonymous with “Wear a helmet”.

i mean like a real bad one evan if it like cracked hte helmet

I can’t remember

i have. while wearing a helmet both muni and trials, nothing super hard but enough that it would have sucked without one.

I have, twice. Once on a mount gone wrong on a hill, and once when I wasn’t paying attention and uniied into a wall:)

brain injury=not cool

I have, a few times. It’s always those little things that shouldn’t ever be a problem, but go weird. Without a helmet I would have at least had a few good gashes.

Wear a helmet, it might not be very cool, but brain damage is even less cool. I live in a town that has a mental hospital, and I can tell you, the people living in the brain injury ward are not exactly in the best condition. (I know, because I’ve been in there when delivering purified water for the store I work in, and you just kinda learn that sorta stuff when you live in a town that is reffered to as crazy town)

i haven’t but i have come quite close to “attempting to put head through center of a pine tree”. Just because you haven’t hurt your head yet don’t mean that you wont. it does depends on what kind of riding you are doing to put yourself in the situation where a head bash will happen… but if you ride a unicycle and like to have some brain capacity then you should protect yourself as such.

Yup, doing both Muni and Trials. One was severe enough to put a nice slice in my skate-style helmet (it didn’t crack) and would have probably cracked my skull without it. I don’t ride without.


I may be that if someone has has a really bad head injury whilst unicycling they may not be able to participate in this forum any more. It only takes once. That’s the whole point.


Cracked my head on a tree. Rode through what looked like leaves from a branch and knocked my head on the branch. No helmet. Bled a bit.
I once fell off my Coker at low speed and trashed my shoulder. I’d imagine that at high speed I could have knocked the head. Since that day I’ve always worn a helmet while on my Coker…

Seventh son, a French Unicyclist posted this vid a couple of days ago, it took him three minutes to recover from that hit…
If the video doesn’t open, download it and open it with VLC, it’s H264 which is still fairly new to the PC world.


I hit the back of my head while riding without a helmet, hit a patch of ice. It hurt lots and made me feel dizzy for the rest of the day.

I’ve crashed whilst riding my freestyle unicycle on concrete, fallen off backwards and bashed my head, no helmet cos it was only freestyle riding.

Riding muni, I’ve cracked the front of a helmet by falling off into a tree, I was fine after that, I’ve fallen off and hit my helmet on the ground a few times. The only time I’ve had any problems is once when I hit hard enough to make me dizzy even through the helmet and needed to eat loads of sugar in order to get my energy back.

Riding coker I’ve fallen off and hit my head once, but it didn’t hurt at all, wearing a helmet that time too.

I think the most dangerous thing for head injuries isn’t doing trials and jumpy style muni, it’s doing fast xc style muni, because you hit a rock or a set of roots wrong and you end up flying down a hill at 15mph, whereas if you’re taking it controlled and hopping everything, most falls are low speed.


hahah this reminds me of the other day

me and dom where riding down this slope to get in to a buisness park thing, with KFC and a few other shops

and i mounted fell forwards and hit my head of the floor.

The old couple infrount of me thought it was funny

Looks like it might have been a doozy of a fall.
It plays fine on my PC if I give it an MP4 extension and play it with QuickTime
An alternative link to the gallery page is here.

Ah man!

That musta hurt! He was absolutely flying! Looks like he ate it pretty hard! Hope he was ok afterwards!
I have never hit my head that bad. Worst iv done on a uni is going backwards and hitting a curb. I came off my uni backwards and hit the deck on my back, head hit the concrete pretty hard, gave me a headache.

Rock on!

lakasaid, he was out for 3 long minutes, one of the rider even considered for a short instant to switch to bikes :smiley: Now he’s totally fine and he is the best advocate out there for Helmets…

I’ve hit my head on the ground a few times while unicycling, but nothing really nasty yet. I’ve always been wearing a helmet, and some of the bashes would have hurt had I not been wearing one, but probably not been life-threatening. There is always potential for nasty head hittage on the rocks round here though.
I had a face plant caused by a missed mount (foot hooked behind pedal) on smooth ground, where the front of the helmet hit the ground and probably saved me from a nose-bleed.
The only time I’ve ever hit my head really hard was when I was riding a bike on the road and hit some ice on a corner. I was going pretty slowly because of the weather, but my head smacked into the ground hard enough to crack the helmet - I had an aching neck for a couple of days, but I’m sure if I hadn’t been wearing the helmet it would have been far worse. The same sort of fall could easily happen on a unicycle.