Unofficial forum competition

Here is my idea: While sitting in my garret, atop a mountainous valley, i was pondering in my castle that while i myself have never sustained any horrific injuries while unicycling, i bet some of u have. So here is how it goes, you post a reply about the worst injury u ever had (and maybe pictures too) and once the number of injuries reaches a certain number, say 100 or so, depending on the popularity of this thread, everyone on this forum can vote in another thread that i will be responsible for, who deserves the unofficial and imaginary award for unluckiest/luckiest unicyclist, depending on which way you look at it (unlucky to get so badly hurt, lucky to survive). So, get out there and start hurting yourselves…:smiley:

I think it takes alot to manage to injure yourself with a uni (other than the seat clipping your ankle). However, the worst I ever did was when I was riding my 24 KH and I had just woken up. I tried to go down a 3 set but my tire was over inflated and I bounced off and landed shoulder first about 5 feet down. I couldn’t move my arm for a few hours and I couldn’t ride for a few weeks. I was grade 2!

BTW: Terrrybigwheel has the cursed KH now. MWAHHAHAHAHA!



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i dislocated my ringfinger and now is all cock-eyed, i have countless pedal scars

i got a concusion snow tubing, im prettty proud of that

I sprained my ankle and right thumb, and tore a few ligements in my ankle, but everything is healed now. =p

i jumped over a large bucket sif, but landed with only my backfoot on the pedal, so it rolled away behind me, taking my hands down on the seat with it. with nothing to break my fall i faceplanted and got a scrap on my chin. i’m suprised it was only that bad.

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