has anyone done this?

I was wondering if anyone has made a splined freestyle uni.

parts I was thinking of-

KH/Koxx/profile/Qu_Ax cranks and hub

a bunch of spokes

alex triple wall rim

hookworm tire

frame, doesnt really matter what


anyone done this?

uhh why would you want a splined uni for freestyle?

you could also do drops on it, and it would rule for gliding/ unispins ect.

i use a “splined freestyle” uni for street

can you post pics?

I had one almost identical to Anthonys, it was awesome.

how useful is it compared to a normal trials/ street uni? Because if I ever bought a freestyle uni, this sounds like it would be better.

i have one. there nice and if ur rough on them the cranks wont get jacked up as much. but the drops part that u were talking about i wont try that much. a freestyle frame isnt made to do that and will brake. but the spilded hub is nice.

I was thinking about one

I read that the new Qu-ax “Professional” uses an ISIS hub. That’s how it is advertised at municycle.com.

Seems quite unbelievable at that price point, but I think this is no typo.


frame, doesnt really matter what

I think that the frame is one of the most important parts on a freestyle unicycle. A friend of me has build a unicycle with a longneck frame, the old onza hub, a 1.95 tire and a miyata seat. But it is not very nice to ride because the cranks are to long.

lol i just had an idea for a (very expensive) but awesome lightweight uni.

KH trials frame

KH 125mm. hub and cranks

KH seatpost

nimbus gel saddle (blue:) )


alex triple wall rim

maxxis hookworm tire at 110 psi.

torker LX pastic pedals

Buy that or make one with Koxx hub and short cranks.

Street Freestyle Machine Bits

Koxx Frame: Cheep, Light, pointy things ontop for WW etc.
UDC Gel Saddle: Low profile.
Koxx 110mm cranks: Awsome. No Q.
Primo, The Wall, Tyre: Thin. lots of colours!

Next Unicycle Purchase!!!

ok, taking what you have said, how about this

kris holm frame $200
kris holm seatpost $25
UDC gel saddle $40
maxxis hookworm $13
koxx 110mm. cranks $80
koxx hub $70
spokes $20
alex triple wall rim $50
torker lx pedals $10

total $508

edit: will the koxx cranks/hub work with the kh frame? I’m pretty sure UDC.uk has a uni with it…

or you could just buy a koxx-1 freestyle…

Thats not splined though.

I have evan’s old street uni. It is really good for freestyle, I probably won’t be using the splined hub for big stuff but its still nice that it is there and I could go big on it if I wanted.

I would definately use it for any combination of unispins and drops:)

I think the koxx freestyle frame is very expensive, in germany, a normal long neck frame cost only 35€ and the koxx something like 50€. And the koxx is, in my eyes, very bad for freestyle because of the “nimbus” style. But koxx has build a very good lightweight freestyle unicycle which weights only 4kg maybe this with a splinted hub would be the ultimate splinted freestyle unicycle.

yea, and with a stronger rim, because i dont think the koxx freestyle rim is very strong. I’m probably wrong though. also, when doing standup tricks, does the seat clamp really get in the way that much?

Torker DX, 2005 Model.