has anyone done this?

but thas really heavy:(

edit: and I hate torker

Weight is nothing. =p

umm the 2005 dx is $200 @ www.bicyclesource.us and why does weight matter in freestyle anyways??

Weight matters alot.

The DX is a trials uni, not a freestyle, the goal is the thin, high pressure tire.

The old dx had a bmx rim though…

julian monney, rode a splined koxx 1 freestyle prototype uni.
koxx rim, gel seat, aluminium low profile crown long neck (really long) frame, and 80mm cranks.

i guess thats where you would find your ultimate splined freestyle.

If you are talking about the one he had at uninats it wasnt splined it was just regular square-taper. That was a sweet uni though.


are the tryall rims very strong? I was thinking of this rim…

it’s triple wall, and weighs 22.2 ounces.

alex triple wall rim.jpg

Is the KH frame compatible with the koxx hub and cranks?

edit: the tryall rim is 6 1/2 ounces lighter than the triple wall one :astonished:

edit #2: does the seat clamp really get in the way that much? Because I woduld have to grow more than 1/2 a foot to fit a longneck frame :frowning:

A 2005 Torker DX with slick tire, plastic pedals and LX/miyata seat is still the best for freestyle I have ridden. I’ve ridden a sem long neck freestyle (once), but I like the DX frame better for standup wwing stuff. Sure, you could spend all kinds of money getting a really nice uni, but for freestyle, I say it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.

Freestyle uni’s are overrated anyway.