Harrisonburg, Virginia

I heard there were a few riders in the area. I’m new to unicycling and looking for tips. I’m a professional strongman so not the typical rider. After 6 weeks Im riding straight the full length of my street about 130 feet and just started offroading. Just found my correct seat height…I ride a 24 inch torker for street and a 20 inch mountain.

Actually live out in Massanutten but can’t get the pointer to stick on the goggles map.

The cheap blue cycle in my profile I don’t ride anymore.


I’ve been out of the loop as far as Virginia riders go lately, but there used to be a few unicyclists in the Harrisonburg area. I think user “pdc” on here might be able to give you some tips on where to ride if he is still on the forum.

If you do a search for Richmond or JMU or Harrisonburg or dcuni you may find a few posts from virginia unicyclists.

I have unicycled a few sections of skyline drive on my 36er, I love that area.

Good luck.

All the riders I found here are no longer posting. Im amazed at what members of this board call beginners. I can’t mount or turn yet…I ride some easy trails and go for several hundred feet on the road. Just learned to hop last night.

Welcome BrickMan! Just to note, the seat height shown in your profile is not “correct” – it’s way too low. Conveniently, I just did a short explanation of this in this thread. :slight_smile:

BTW, I used to live in Hampton, VA, but that was 1962-67, way before I started unicycling (age 0-5).

I started very low due to my fear of falling. My seat is higher now.

This is my youtube…I’m posting a few things…please give feedback here.

Thanks John, I did see that last night. First time I ever heard to go by the heels. I knew to pedal with balls but think I use too much toe…may actually have to drop my seat some now.

There are a lot of riders in the DC area, some over in PA, then a bunch in NC; I’m in TN, but used to live in Blackburg.

There is a munifest this weekend in Asheville, NC. It would be worth the drive if you have the time, lots of riders from new to old, good way to pick up some tips, makes some buddies, and build energy for your new sport ")


One of my friends saw someone riding the Virginia Creeper trail this past weekend. No idea who that was.

I saw the NC event…that would be cutting it close this weekend and about 6 hours each way

Check my youtube…you guys will be proud…12 hour practice today…I leared alot!!

I live just south of Harrisonburg/Bridgewater in Augusta County. Haven’t been riding much lately. I do mostly Muni.

Excellent…I did some cool stuff yesterday and today. Did a better video of tearing cards on the uni today. Just having trouble loading it to youtube. It’s on facebook. Tackled a big hill today too.