Happy Birthday Darren Bedford

happy birthday sir

Happy Birthday man, thanks for your help.

-Shaun Johanneson

Happy birthday, youngster, from Jacquie and me!

I’m wearing a Bedford shirt today. And I’ll wear one tomorrow too.
BD stands for Bedford Day. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

Me too… though currently under my unicyclist.com hoodie.

Happy birthday, Darren!

Hope it’s a blast.


email: unicyclecentral at hotmail dot com

Happy Birthday, Darren!


is that supposed to mean something?

Darren is the man. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday Darren, its good to see someone like you doing so much for the sport. Keep it up!

Happy Birthday!!

WOW, a BIG THANK YOU to all those who posted in this surprise birthday thread.

I haven’t been on this site much lately as I have been meeting component suppliers with my designs to have custom parts made.

I was greeted today with a string of orange and black balloons strung from the tree to my hearse in the front of my house saying HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY
by Maggie and Pete Groves. Very cool.

THANK YOU for all the kind words. It makes me happy to hear that you appreciate what I am doing for you and the unicycling community.
Wearing the shirts on my birthday rocks. I have a bunch of new ones coming very soon.

THANKS AGAIN… for making my day extra special !


Yeah, it means that I am wearing a bedford t-shirt, but since it’s a cool fall day, I am wearing a hoodie over it.

Happy birthday darren!!! WOOT WOOT!

Belated Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Darren.

Thanks for your support of the community!

Wow, Thanksgiving and Darren’s Birthday, all on the same day! Is that cosmic coincidence or what? Man, if I’d known ahead of time I would’ve tried to put my Thanksgiving turkey on a unicycle, or at least put Bedford flames on the pumpkin pie! Happy Birthday Darren, and thanks for the great products and even better service!:smiley:


Yeah, what they said. YIPEE! :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Darren. For your birthday, I am sending you a sizeable check. In return, you are sending me a muni for my birthday. I fully expect it to arrive in time. You have a month yet.

Bon Anniversiare!

Happy Birthday Darren!!!