Happy Birthday Darren Bedford


I just want to let people know that today (October 10th) is Darren Bedford’s 40th Birthday


Darren is a great guy who has done a lot for unicycling over the years - wherever he is it’s fun - he kind of makes everyday seem like a birthday, so all join in wishing him an awesome day.


It’s not today here, yet, but happy birthday anyway, Darren. Bedford Unicycles rocks. And 40 on 10/10…too much.


you are the most personable retailer i’ve never met. :smiley: I hope to accually meet you and shake the had that feeds someday…

Happy 40th

Yay Happy birthday Darren!
You are awesome:D
(like my Bedford colors?)


Happy birthday!

Bedford Rules!!!

Happy Birthday Darren!

Thanks for all the unicycling fun over the years.

  • Roman

p.s. Great job Jeff.

Happy Birfday man!

You’re a great guy and an awesome unicycle seller/maker/distributer guy. I wish you the best in the years to come!!!

Take it easy aye. :slight_smile:

Happy B day darren ! I agree… best dealer out there , and fun !
hope you have a good one
Ps great pic jeff !

Happy Birthday Darren, I may be in Switzerland and unable to come up for the party but it wont stop me from wearing Betty today. I hope you enjoy this one and have many more to come. Oh and just wondering if a game of Whirlyball was involved in the celebration if not it should and next time I’m up in toronto we may have to play…


Happy Birthday, Darren! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Darren

Have a great birthday, Darren!

Maggie & Pete

I will ride my 36" Coker with 4" cranks on it today.

Happy Birthday Darren, the sport is lucky to have you



thanks for all !

Happy Birthday! I’ve never ordered from you, although I might in the future. Wow, we’re close in birthdays! Mine’s tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Darren. FOURTY! Man I thought I was getting old.

happy b-day darren. i plan on buying a costum trials soon.
dang my b-day is the same day =-)
happy b-day to you and myself :roll_eyes:


Happy birthday Darren!!!

I’m still lovin my KH and my brake :smiley:

Darren, A Big Happy 40th Birthday to you!! I hope you have a super day today, your birthday. All the best.

What they all said!!! :smiley: