I can now ride my uni with my hands on the pedals and feet in the air. (Riding backwards)
My question : how do i begin to learn to ride forward?

I’m not telling until we see the video. :slight_smile:

yea, and i’m not telling til’ I learn how :slight_smile:

I dont know how many people ride with hands on a regular uni. I know that Guy Hansen, and i think some guy from Japan can pedal with hands(they both performed it for the opening Unicon cerimonies). Dunno who else tho? Anyboody know??

A.S.A.P i will film myself doing the ‘handride’ !

Stan in Belgium (the country where i live) can do it backwards too. Julien monney (Switzerland) can do the ‘handride’ forwards !
Julien is not on this forum i think, so if someone else can explain it too me how to ride forwards… Or someone who can give some tips… It’s all welcome


And here I was thinking it’d be easier to go forward. I might start trying to learn this trick/skill. It looks fun.



I can fly.

Riding forwards is very simple. Just get on the unicycle the opposite way so the seat is facing the opposite direction that it’s normally facing when you handride. BAM, now you’re riding forward!

Re: handride

Yo Chillie, I was able to handride (bw) for over 100m. Since you’re from B maybe we should meet?

Leo Vandewoestijne,
unicycle.nl and be as well.

Hi leo,
(let’s talk englisch, because the rest would understand us too)

Yes i would very like to meet you !
There will be a meeting for unicyclists in Belgium next month. Julien Monney will also be there and will give some workshops…

Date : March 1 (saturday)
Location : Ieper (lakenhallen aan de grote markt)
(see : http://www.geocities.com/circusdagieper for more details…)

Maybe we can see each-other there?

My personal record of handriding is about 10 meters i think, but I’m working on it :slight_smile:

==> LOL ! :wink:


Unfortunatley, I don’t have any real advice, but if you got ahold of Guy Hansen, he could give you some real help. That guy is amazing! Not only can he ride with his hands, he can pedal with his hands, wheel walk with hands, and has a special unicycle that he rides one-handed with! (it has bike grips instead of pedals)

sorry for the lack of real information, I just saw, ‘riding with hands’ and thought, Guy Hansen!

-have fun, and wear a helmet

is the one who stimulate me to pick up practicing this trick after a very bad fall (pedal in my face, almost blind).

Chilli, I’ve catched that news in Brussels at the Velo Expo.
So, -even while it’s almost in France- I try to be there.


what’s the ‘optimum’ seat height for such a trick?

Can you hand ride your unicycle that’s set for leg riding? Or do you need a VERY short uni?

You don’t have to change the height of your seat, the height of your seat don’t have to be lower…

So gl&hf with practising this new skill/level !

=> Auwch!! :astonished:

I use my usual seat height. I know Julian does to. Hoever I used the pedals of Sem Abrahams (like you sometimes see on these special wheelchairs). The forces I used were killing the muscles of my hands.
I might be mistaken but I guess Guy Hansen advised me to -in deed- put the uni in reverce (back in front) it seems to be better for your kidneys.

I found this picture of that Guy Hansen guy :slight_smile: on John Foss’ website. Here is a direct link to his page of distance, height, etc. records. Scroll down and you will see this Guy guy riding with his hands, you will notice that his stomach is not on the seat. He is simply tilting over from the standard riding position. Looks like it hurts, but it actually doesn’t.

Yep, boys kind of have to choose, left or right (…).
I suddenly remember another usefull hint:
make the L pedal R and de R pedal L…:
otherwise after a while you pedals will come off.

I thought you all were kidding until I saw that picture.

One question, - Why?

because playing with gravity is fun.
try to realize how hard is is to be upside down and command your body (the right way, to make the correct corrections).
I’ve been told this trick was done (on film) during the ‘20ies on a 7’ unicycle.
But that ultimate-wheel-handride that Guy is nowedays doing is even more cool, I think.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

But that is only if you are going backwards. Otherwise, if you’re going forward, the pedals are just put the same direction as usual. An easier way to do what you are suggesting would be to simply turn the seat 180 degrees (facing the opposite direction).