Oups, correct, I was off.
Thats what you get, going backwards -I mean forward- , upside down…
very confusing.

Any video’s on the web?
Also of Guy’s ultimate handride?

hi, here’s a link of my website where you can download a short movie of me doing the Glide + Handride…




Nice! You really are going backwards on the handride. When you’re upside down like that it is difficult to know which way backwards really is.

hey dude, nice!
Let me know how you experience it, if you try to spread your legs (…) in two ways:
a) that from a sideview your legs are horizontal
b) from a front- (or back-) view the angle between them is 90 degrees.
also: look forward (or should I say backward?) since your … (sorry…) evenwichtsorgaan (whatever-it-is-called-balance-bodypart) is placed between your ear and eye, and functions better if it’s horizontal.

I think what made practising this trick hard to me, is that your heart needs to work very hard. What about you?

Well this is the beginning of a handride :slight_smile: I need to work on my style, like you say :

I will work on it!

What made hard for my learning this trick was the fear of falling on my face… But now i’m used to it, not on the falling, but the fear is away ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for the tips !